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Since 1987, we have been the storage solution for Northern Nevada. We have a great selection of storage unit sizes, our units are affordable, and our security is top of the line.


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    Storage Unit Sizes Available

    reno storage units sizes

    5′ x 5′

    This storage unit is about the size of a closet and great for small storage. It can hold small furniture, a large tool chest, a small quad and several boxes.

    reno storage units size 5x10

    5′ x 10′

    About the size of a walk-in closet, this storage unit is large enough for a queen sized mattress set, sofa, chair, end table, bicycles, or 100 business size boxes.

    reno storage units

    10′ x 10′

    This storage unit can hold the contents of an average one-bedroom apartment. This space can include major appliances, a bed, sofa, and other small items.

    reno storage units size 10x15

    10′ x 15′

    This storage unit size will suffice for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or a small house. Store your bed, sofa, kitchen appliances, and other small furniture pieces easily.

    reno storage units size 10x20

    10′ x 20′

    This storage unit is the size of a one-car garage. Use this unit for the contents of a small house, including your appliances, bed sets, yard tools, boxes, and other smaller items.

    reno storage units size 10x30

    10′ x 30′

    This storage unit can contain the furnishings from a medium-sized home. It will store your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen furniture with room to spare.

    self storage units size 10x40

    10′ x 40′

    This two-car garage sized storage unit is the perfect size to store several bed sets, sofas, kitchen appliances, and other furniture from your home – great for larger needs.

    reno storage units size 20x20

    20′ x 20′

    A different configuration, this unit is also the size of a two-car garage. Choose this unit size to store the contents of a larger house. It’ll have space for all of your belongings.


    reno self storage