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Reno Storage Tips Pt.2

February 19, 2013

storage tips

Last week we began discussing some tips on how to safely store your belongings. This week we are diving in further. Water damage is problematic in many storage facilities, even in Reno. Seeing as how even the meteorologists are not very good at predicting the weather, here are some Reno storage tips to ensure that water does not destroy your valuables:

Moisture Protection

  • Paper and water to not get along very well, therefore, when you are loading up anything composed primarily of paper, like books and magazines, place them in plastic containers. This will keep the water out and have you enjoying your favorite books for years to come.
  • Every new mattress comes wrapped in a plastic bag, ever wonder why? You guessed it, to keep moisture out. These bags can be found at hardware stores and are a great purchase if you are planning on storing a mattress.
  • Wood furniture is also susceptible to water damage. Applying a thin coat of wax or varnish creates a barrier between the wood and the elements. Another handy tip for storing furniture is to place all hardware in a bag and tape it to the bottom if taking it apart. This will ensure that you can easily find them when it comes time to put the furniture back together.
  • Standing water can be absolutely devastating to almost any valuable. By placing wooden pallets on the floor of your unit, you are effectively providing space between your belongings and any water. Moisture can condense on floors when it is cold and Reno does have the occasional flood.

Incurring water damage on a priceless item can be absolutely heartbreaking. These tips should provide peace of mind that your belongings are safe from the elements. However, there are more intelligent threats to contend with. Mothballs are not just something your grandma used. Moths are still a threat, especially to clothing that is sitting in storage. Mothballs are a cheap and effective way of dealing with this threat. But the most important tip that we can recommend is purchasing a good lock. Thieves look for weaknesses, and cheap locks are exactly that. The extra money spent on a good lock will definitely pay off.

With these Reno storage tips in mind, you are ready to successfully store your items without problems. Ample Storage would be proud to be your choice for self-storage in Reno. We pride ourselves on operating a clean and safe facility, and are always ready to give you an affordable quote on your Reno storage unit needs.


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