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Storage Unit Tips

Reno Storage Units

Check out the following tips for using storage units in Reno, NV. Learn how to properly pack and store items such as books, furniture, and dishes in your storage unit.
It’s a good idea to pack electronics (TV’s, stereo equipment, computers) in the original packaging. If you don’t have the original box, be sure to wrap all electronic gear in paper or plastic bubble wrap, before placing it in your self storage unit.
Keep an itemized list of all of the belongings you place inside your self storage unit at home or in a safe deposit box.
Do yourself (and us) a favor, and buy a decent lock for your Reno storage unit.
Use wooden pallets to keep your belongings off of the floor of your storage unit. Moisture can condense on concrete floors when it’s cold outside.
Keeping clothes in your self storage unit? Don’t forget the mothballs!
Before placing your boxes in your long term storage unit, it is important to begin your self storage endeavor by marking the contents of each storage box on every side.
Do not overload your boxes. If one box seems to be too heavy, it probably is. Go ahead and divide the contents into two or more boxes before placing them in your self storage unit.
Belongings such as books and magazines ought to be wrapped in plastic before being placed in your unit. This will keep them from experiencing unwanted moisture damage.
Unboxed items should be wrapped with paper, plastic, cloth, etc, prior to being placed in your storage unit.
With fragile items, use extra paper, wrapping it around each item many times. This storage tip is essential because the extra care will ensure that your china and/or glass won’t become cracked or damaged.
Planning on keeping mattresses in a long term storage unit? Hardware stores have bags designed for your self storage need to keep mattresses safe and moisture free. Use them!
If you are using a long term furniture storage unit, it’s a good idea to wax your wooden furniture with wood varnish. This will help to protect your furniture from moisture.
If you need to take it apart, be sure to keep all of the nuts and bolts together in a bag, taped to the underside of the furniture.

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