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Going Above and Beyond to Make Sure Your Items Are Secure in Reno Self-Storage

March 5, 2013

self storage in reno

When you place your belongings in self storage in Reno, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not they will be there when you return for them. When you choose Ample Storage to be your option for secure Reno storage, this concern is virtually eliminated. We work to ensure that your belongings are in the safest place possible. Here are a few features we have to ensure that our promise to keep your belongings safe is kept.


Security Features:

  1. Well Lit Facility

    Every inch of our property is drenched with light, 24/7. It is much more difficult to steal when you are completely visible.

  2. Security Gate

    Our security gate can only be opened with a code. Day or night, nobody gets in without a code.

  3. No After-Hours Entry

    Believe it or not, theft is common from people who have purchased a unit just to get a code. They prey upon 24-hour facilities, coming in once traffic has died down. However, at Ample Storage, this is not an option.

  4. On-site Manager

    All of these features would mean little if there wasn’t someone there to ensure they are working properly. We never leave your belongings unattended. Our manager lives on-site and is constantly guarding your valuables.


Safe and Secure Storage in Reno, NV

To go above and beyond the self storage services we are providing, we also recommend that you buy a good sturdy lock. When combined with all of our other security features, your belongings are likely more secure with us in your Reno storage unit than in most homes. We take pride in keeping your belongings safe and we understand that it is one of the reasons why we are still your best choice for secure Reno storage.




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