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Risks Involved with 24 Hour Storage Units in Reno, NV and Beyond

March 12, 2013

You may have wondered why Ample Storage is not one of the 24 hour storage units in Reno, NV. It is a common trend for many places to offer this service and the convenience sounds desirable. They rely on their gates, security cameras and lighting to deter thieves. However, our experience has shown that this simply is not enough to provide a high level of security. There are significant storage unit risks when 24 hour access is available in Reno. We want your belongings to be safe, first and foremost.

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The Risks to Self Storage Facilities

If you have the best fencing and gates on the market, these security features are immediately rendered useless once the person has gained access. Now you only have security cameras and lighting for defense at this point. Considering that theft is much more likely to occur at night than during the day, this is problematic. Our cameras are always running but at this point the person has already gained access to the facility. Meanwhile they are cleaning out all the valuables from your unit.

There are also instances of people who have been approved to access the unit coming in and stealing. These thieves choose night to come in because they have a better chance of pulling it off without suspicion from staff and it is also less likely that you will happen to be swinging by to spoil their plans.

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Considering that these plans are far less likely to be successful during the day, we have made the decision to close our facility down at night to provide the most optimal security. This does not mean that we are inaccessible. Our facility is open late and we feel that our hours cover all the areas of high and medium traffic. We want you to have access to your Reno storage unit, but we also want them to be safe. As the best self storage in Reno, we believe we've reached that balance.




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