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3 Reasons Why You Should Winterize and Store Your Toys

September 25, 2013


Say “hasta la juego” to summer and “hello” to leaves, scarves and soon enough snow! Fall is finally here which means long days at the lake and camping are coming close to an end. Your favorite summer toys are in need of some TLC and a comfy place for  hibernation.

Whether you have a pontoon boat, RV, ATV, or motorcycle it is time to winterize your toys to ensure they will be protected through the winter and healthy for next summer’s adventures.

3 Reno Winter Storage Tips for Your Summer Machines:

1. Protecting Your Baby From the Havoc of Winter

Lake water, salt water, frozen water; what’s the difference? TONS. First of all, the accumulation of ice on boats can cause splitting, cracking and eventually leaking to the exterior of your boat. This can also cause corrosion to the exterior of any other toys.

Ok. So I will just cover my stuff up. While covers may keep the exterior of your machines from coming into contact with snow and ice, they are potentially trapping in moisture. Moisture is your toy’s enemy. With boats, we are talking about mold on the interior and with anything else moisture inside the engine and other parts causes rust and other serious problems.

2. Beating the Rush for Repairs

When do you think mechanics are the busiest? Right before summer. This is when everyone and their grandmother is taking out their toys, preparing them for play and realizing either what damage winter has caused (because they weren’t smart like you and read this article) or what little problem at the end of last summer still needs to be fixed.

Why not forgo all of this waiting around and have all of you machines ready to go as soon as you are. Take care of the little things before you send your toy into hibernation and take the necessary steps to properly protect against winter damage.

3. Mother Nature Is Not Your Machine’s Friend… (and neither is your man cave).

We have already discussed the potential problems that would be escalated by leaving your machines outside to fair the weather, but while your boat has been at the docks all summer do you really want to give up your garage man cave just in time for football season?

Here are some links to more detailed DIY winterization:

Winterizing & Storing Your Machines = More Man Cave Space

Now that you have your; boat, RV, ATV, and/or motorcycle all prepped and ready for hibernation. Bring them all down to Ample Storage, where they can stay locked up and protected in your Reno storage unit for those long winter months. You are investing in the future condition of your toy by protecting it and in your sanity by holding onto your man cave space. If you would like to learn more Reno winter storage tips, speak with the storage experts at Ample Storage.


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