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Organize Your Business with Self Storage

September 24, 2014

storage for businessesRunning a business is tough, and it doesn’t make it any easier if you’re unorganized. So much time is wasted looking for documents and equipment, but there’s no need to worry when you’re using storage units for businesses at Ample Storage. We have short and long term storage lease terms that are perfect for small business warehouses, so our Reno storage units can accommodate whatever you need to store.

Before you start packing up the offices, take some time to go through your items. And get rid of the things you don’t need!

What’s the plan Stan?

No matter the size of your business, consolidating can be a daunting task, especially when the work isn't taking a break with you. Having an organized business will enable you to work more efficiently in the future. Here are some tips that will help you tackle this big task.

Have a plan before you get started. And don’t think that you’ll get everything done in one day. Think about your day-to-day stuff, and figure out how you’ll temporarily operate.

Ask yourself if you’ll be able to take care of the day-to-day operations while an entire department is packed up, or decide if you’ll need to break it up into groups and move things into storage that way.

Check things off as you go, and work toward your goal in a timely. If you’ve got one week to get everything packed up, moved into storage and back to work, stick to it. This will help diminish procrastination and avoid hiccups in your standard workflow.

Decide how things will be stored. Will you place everything on shelving, or will it be on the floor? How is the layout going to look? Is it going to be easy to take stuff out and replace things later on?

Doing things like this now before you pack is going to make the process easier. And it will let you get back to taking care of your customers faster too. If your business is looking for safe and secure self storage in Reno, we’re the best! Our storage facility is equipped with security gates and cameras that’ll give you piece of mind, not to mention an on-site manager that lives on the property. So call us today and reserve your unit now!

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