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Decluttering Your Home for Spring Using a Self-Storage

March 11, 2015

storage unit tipsWith the spring season just around the corner, everyone starts to shift those all-too-common winter woes into excitement about warmer days – and the need for spring cleaning. Still recovering from holiday décor clean-up and being cooped up indoors for the cold months can create the need to declutter and start spring cleaning before the season even begins. Spring cleaning can be an enjoyable task, as decluttering with the help of Reno NV storage units can help homeowners make room for new household goods or a necessary change in décor. Before you start your spring cleaning and decluttering, however, it is beneficial to know some time tested and homeowner approved spring cleaning tips.

#1 Secure Reno NV Storage Units

You may think your spring cleaning won’t require any additional space, but for most, the need for a self-storage unit makes the process of spring cleaning less stressful. In order to declutter your home in an efficient way, it is necessary to separate the items you know you want to keep from those you want to get rid of all together. Having a self-storage unit in place before you begin to declutter will reduce the pressure of disposing of things you truly want to hang on to. It will also allow you to take more time with your spring cleaning if you know the self-storage unit is there, waiting for those precious keep items.

#2 Have a Plan

In addition to securing a self-storage space, creating a plan of action focused on organization is one of the most meaningful spring cleaning tips. Decluttering typically takes time, and spring cleaning is something that should be tackled with some degree of clarity so that you do not end up getting rid of items you will regret letting go of down the road. Establish an objective for yourself over the course of a few days or a few weekends, and start with one room at a time. For instance, beginning to declutter the bedroom can be a smart start to your spring cleaning, as rotating
out heavier winter clothes for lighter springtime options is a simple task. The outfits and heavy coats that won’t be needed until next winter can be organized in stackable bins that will easily fit in your self-storage space. Working to declutter the garage or basement can also prove beneficial in spring cleaning. Transferring the bulky items like large tools or sporting equipment that isn’t used often but is taking up unnecessary space to your self-storage unit helps create a clean slate.

#3 Get Organized

One of the most important spring cleaning tips is the suggestion to get organized during your spring cleaning and declutter process. Once you’ve sorted your items into keep or get rid of categories, be diligent about organizing what is staying with you, either in your home or in your self-store unit. It is helpful to label the containers that are being used to hold things like winter clothes, holiday decorations or other items that are not needed for the spring, and keep like items together either in a dedicated space in the house or in your self-storage unit. You may also want to make a list of what you set aside and in what location to make retrieving your kept items that much easier in the summer or fall.

Spring cleaning tips do not have to be burdensome, but instead can pave the way for a fresh, clean slate for you and your home. Following some of these spring cleaning tips and ideas to declutter in a smart way will help you stay on task this spring, and will create a much easier transition between seasons.

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