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Why Self-Storage Should Be Part of Your Baby Planning

April 21, 2015

It is not difficult to be bursting at the brim with excitement when a new child is coming into your life. Baby planning can be a pure joy, but it also comes with challenges for parents who need to make room. Whether you are on your first or third round of baby planning, it typically means you need more space and could probably use an affordable storage unit.

Save the Fuss & Find a Storage UnitPreparing for a baby.

Converting the spare room as part of your nursery planning means you must create space elsewhere to hold unused furniture or decorations, like a self-storage unit or another unused room in the house. Similarly, making room for baby may require an overhaul of your soon-to-be-occupied storage room, which means relocating boxes and bins of items you may need in the future. Nursery planning can be made quite a bit easier with the convenience of a self-storage unit and a detailed checklist for what needs to happen to make preparing for first baby a smooth process.

Secure an Affordable Storage Unit First

Storing special items, affordable storage unitBefore you start baby planning within your home, carefully select an affordable storage unit in your area that will meet your baby storage needs. If you are living in the Reno, NV area, Ample Storage has great options in affordable storage units. The furniture used in your spare bedroom won’t work well for your newest family addition in the beginning, but will most likely be used again once the baby gets older. Likewise, the boxes and bins you have kept in your storage space that will soon become your nursery do not need to be foregone altogether simply to make room. Your self-storage unit can hold all of these items and allow you easy access when you need them again. This reduces the amount of clutter in your home, and creates a comfortable, welcoming environment for your new child.

Store for the Next Little Onemaking room for the baby

If you are planning to have more children, or simply want to hang on to those precious items that remind you of your baby’s formative years, self-storage can quickly be shifted to a baby storage space as time goes on. The following items are common for parents to keep in a secured self-storage unit:

  • Baby’s crib
  • Changing table
  • Organizers used in the nursery
  • Bins or boxes of baby clothes
  • Bassinet or swing
  • Nursery decorations

Create (and Follow) Your Nursery Planning ChecklistNew baby room.

Once your self-storage unit is acquired and you have determined what room you will use for your new child’s nursery, you can start to work on your to-do list. Tasks should include a full cleaning of your nursery space, and new low or no-fume paint to match your planned décor. You will also need to plan the layout of your new nursery based on the baby furniture you plan to use, but remember not to pack the room full. Leave space for yourself and for your child, and keep items organized by using small bins or baskets to hold wipes, diapers and clothes. Finally, baby-proof not only your nursery setting but the remainder of your home by covering outlets and softening sharp corners on furniture, and creating space for your baby to grow.

Reduce That StressStress free storage Reno.

The use of a self-storage unit when planning a baby can make the process far less stressful for you and your new baby. Decluttering the nursery space and other living areas of your home establishes a welcoming environment for your newest family member. Your self-storage unit can also be used as baby storage in years to come, making the transition from newborn to toddler and beyond that much easier.

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