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DIY: Home Staging Tips with Self Storage

June 10, 2015

Cleaning a room.If you are in the process of listing your home for sale, one of the most important selling home tips is to take the time to stage it. At first glance, it may seem like staging home for sale is an expensive investment that may not have a high enough return to make it worthwhile, but countless research points to the contrary. According to the National Association of Realtors, the majority of real estate agents feel strongly that a home sells up to 50% faster when staged properly. The great news is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to hire a professional for home staging or spend endless hours researching how to stage your home. Instead, follow these four proven home staging tips to make sure your investment of time pays off.

1) Remove the Clutter

In theory, the easiest of all home staging tips is to declutter your space by removing unnecessary items. In practice, however, this can seem like an overwhelming aspect of home staging. To keep the task of staging your home under control, it is beneficial to secure a Reno storage rental before you begin the process of DIY home staging. This is often the most overlooked tip for staging your home!

Once that simple step is taken care of, you can then focus your attention on removing items that do not add to the overall aesthetic of your home. Large mismatched items in the living room, family room or office space can be a real eyesore for potential buyers and should be kept in storage while your home is on the market. Similarly, large collections of children’s toys that go unused the majority of the time should be put in storage for home staging. Keeping walkways, hallways, and frequently used living spaces clear and open will help prospective buyers imagine what their furniture and décor could look like in your space.

how to store furniture in a storage unit

2) Create a Neutral Space – Depersonalization

In addition to decluttering, de-personalizing your home is high on the list of home staging tips. You may love your personal collection of trinkets or the collage of family photos on each side table or nightstand, but potential buyers may find it hard to envision your space as theirs. Likewise, décor that has your eclectic personal flare, bright colors or abrasive artwork may not fit everyone’s design preference. Removing personal aspects for the purpose of staging your home is as simple as boxing up unique, personal trinkets and family photos and setting aside in your Reno storage rental until you home is sold.

3) Clean Out Your Closets32851155_s

One mistake that homeowners make in DIY home staging is using closet space in lieu of a self storage unit. Although that may seem like a simple answer to how to stage your home, it can quickly backfire. Ample closet space is often a top priority on prospective buyers’ wish lists, and they are sure to peek into hall, linen and bedroom closets during their tour. If you have put your clutter or own personal storage in each of those closets, buyers will have a difficult time realizing that your home does have enough closet space to meet their needs which is why we recommend getting a storage rental from Reno Ample Storage.

If your closets are chock full with clothes for every season, luggage or extra linens, box up what you do not need and secure it in storage until your move. Buyers and realtors alike will appreciate your effort in following this crucial step in staging home for sale.

4) Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Another important facet of selling home tips is to spend time decluttering the outside of your home as well as the inside. The first impression potential home buyers have of your home is its curb appeal, and if that is lacking due to clutter, disorganized storage or outdated patio furniture, your house could be overlooked immediately. As you go through the process of DIY home staging, remember to clear unnecessary items from porches and other outdoor spaces, make sure your yard is free of toys and clutter, and remove furniture that is worn down or unkempt.

Following these tips for staging your home creates the potential for positive feedback from prospective buyers and, ultimately, a sold sign out front! Contact Reno’s best self storage service for your home staging needs.

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