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Preparation Tips for Storage

July 15, 2015

moving-boxesThe start of summer is one of the most common times throughout the year where storage is key. Whether you are moving to a new home, have a child coming home from college or simply need to set aside your winter and spring household items, summer storage is a necessity for most.

Get the most of your summer storage and rental storage units, and follow these helpful Reno NV self storage tips provided by Ample Storage.

College student storage units and family storage units are the most beneficial when you first get organized. Protect your belongings, make sure your items are clean prior to storing, and have an idea of what you do and don’t need for the summer season.

Get Organized

Before making a trip to rental storage units or securing a summer storage location, it is imperative to take the time to get organized. To start, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What rooms do I need to declutter? – For instance, you may need college student storage this summer either because your student is bringing items home or because you’ve used their room or living space for storage in the house. Similarly, family storage can be used to clear out a nursery or baby clothes that are no longer being used but you would like to keep safe.
  • What do I already have in storage? – If you know you will be retrieving patio furniture or summer clothes from your family storage unit, you can more easily determine what space you have to put store items you no longer need or want in the house.

Asking these questions are a key step in utilizing self storage tips to begin packing or moving the things you own.

Equally beneficial tips for storage for getting organized include making a list. Make a list of what rooms you are planning to declutter or change décor. Also, include and what items you plan to bring out of storage for the season.

 Protect Your Belongings

plastic-binAs one of the most important Reno NV self storage tips, the value of protecting your items cannot be undervalued. Whether you are using short term or long term storage, it is always best to use clear plastic boxes or new cardboard boxes for clothes and linens. Bags or boxes that have been used for other items in the past may not be as clean.

Similarly, for students’ college summer storage, books should be packed away in smaller, easy to manage boxes and laid horizontally. Storing books vertically can lead to damage to the spine.

Another necessity in our self storage tips is to pay close attention to what you are using to wrap and safeguard fragile items. Newspaper should never be used on any item that can be stained, as the ink will inevitably cause damage to the exterior of the item over time.

Instead, use clean packing paper or bubble wrap to protect your items.

Finally, leave an inch at the top of each box you pack. Add filler to the space and reduce the potential for items shifting during the move or while in storage.

Clean Before Storing2549292_26cac86d

Often overlooked with self storage tips is the necessity to clean items prior to putting them away in summer storage. Clothing, linens, appliances and décor should all be as clean as possible. This helps to avoid the growth of bacteria or attraction of bugs.

It is helpful to leave the appliance doors open while in long term storage. Self storage tips like these will ensure you are not coming back to a mess or destroyed items after the summer is over.

Seasonal Items

Follow these tips for storage of seasonal items. Summer storage is most commonly used for winter décor and clothing. Set aside seasonal items like Halloween, Christmas and New Years decorations. Also, lights or lawn ornaments can be stored until they are needed in a few months’ time.

Shift these items to storage and make room in your home. For summer décor and less clutter, this makes for a more enjoyable season all around.

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