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Lock it Down: The Easiest Tip for a Safer Storage Unit

September 2, 2016

long term storageDid you know, with a pair of your everyday, run-of-the-mill hand wrenches, you can break open a padlock with only a few pounds of pressure? And for a less MacGyver, more caveman approach, just beating one into submission with a good hammer ought to do the trick, too.

When you choose Ample Self-storage, there’s no question that the safety and security of your belongings is priority number one. With ‘round the clock camera operation and a live-in manager, you can rest assured that your things will be collecting dust for a good while in the best secure storage Reno NV has to offer.

You might be surprised to find, however, that the greatest preventative security measure out there has nothing to do with 12-foot fences, or camera surveillance—even a hulking guy living in unit 2 who lumbers around the place every few hours just to make sure. No, the best way to keep your short term and or long term storage safe is to invest in what? You guessed it: a good lock.

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With some locks out there requiring only a pair of hand wrenches to turn them into nothing more than a hunk of scrap metal, it’s clear just how important strapping something substantial onto your storage unit is. Think of this as your last line of defense. You have all the great gadgetry out there keeping you safe, complete with the big guy mentioned before, but if for some reason that perfect storm hits—some sort of Ocean’s Eleven crew decides it’s now or never, and they have their eyes fixed on your mattress and old bowling trophies—a strong, dependable lock on your unit can be the determining factor between a full unit, and an empty one.


If you want the best security on your storage unit for the money, then invest in a disc lock. These are great for a few reasons, but foremost for the fact that they were designed specifically for storage units. Their unique, round shape keeps them from being vulnerable to bolt cutters—a common tool used for breaking locks—as well as hammers.


A good amount of burglaries out there are crimes of opportunity. So do yourself a favor, and spend a little extra on a good lock, and save yourself the hardship of trying to replace the things you meant to keep for years to come.

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