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Planning for Self Storage: Three Ways to Keep Your Things in Good Shape

September 2, 2016

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Look, you’re storing your items for a reason: they still have value to you, but there’s just not enough room at home. The keyword here is “value.” Whether sentimental or just plain expensive, your items need to be kept in the best possible shape while being stored. And while Ample Storage may be the best option when it comes to self storage in Reno, NV, there are certain things you can do to ensure your stuff stays in great shape. Planning for self storage can might be a great way to protect your items and save you some time later on.

Here are three ways you can keep your stored items in peak condition:

Don’t over-pack your boxes:

The box isn’t full unless you can’t close the top, right? Wrong! Over-packing your boxes for storage can cause serious damage to the items being crushed at the bottom of the pile, and not to mention, your back! You want to get the job done quickly and easily, that’s totally understandable. But by taking those few extra minutes to fill a few more boxes could be the difference between pristinely kept goods, and a storage unit filled with broken pieces along with a trip to the chiropractor.

Label everything:

You may have had a clear plan in mind when you were packing up all your things for storage, but chances are once you pulled down and locked that steel door, you left all that organization and planning behind, too. So, to safely avoid having to unpack everything to find that one thing, label all sides of your boxes so they are clearly visible and legible. By taking time to label your items, you can be in, out, and on with life in minutes instead of hours.

Elevate, elevate, elevate:

Moisture is going to be your biggest enemy in storing your items. Moisture-retaining cement floors, paired with the always unpredictable weather patterns of Reno, Nevada, make for an ongoing battle with water damage. One way to avoid having to repurchase your water damaged items is to keep them elevated for the duration of their stay in storage.

Get your hands on some wooden pallets, or repurpose some old furniture to keep things safely off the floor, and save yourself the heartache of having to find new things to replace the old things you were keeping in a dark room for the foreseeable future.

Store electronics in original packaging: One of the benefits of purchasing electronics is that the packaging they come with are specifically designed to protect them from the elements—and the occasional clumsy deliveryman. So do yourself a favor, and be sure to hold on to the boxes, and foam, and bubble wrap, and be assured that your goods will be kept in great condition while being stored.

We hope these planning for self storage tips help with your next move. Happy packing!


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