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Choosing the Right Storage Units in Reno Nevada

April 11, 2017

reno storage unit options

Finding storage units in Reno, Nevada that work for you is a complicated process. Storage unit providers are popping up all over the Reno area. With more people moving here, it can be hard to find a provider that works best for you.

A storage unit in Reno should be easy and affordable. A place to store your belongings. A place where you’re not worried about the security, accessibility, or price. There are four main qualities of a Reno storage company that you should take into consideration during your search:

  1. Multiple Reno Storage Unit Sizes:

    First of all, everyone has different size requirements, furthermore, these requirements may change over time. Finding a Reno storage unit company who provides multiple size options, like Ample Storage, gives you the most flexibility to store your belongings without having to switch companies or locations. Ample Storage has 8 different unit size options, with an experienced team to help you select the correct size for you. Also, our website also provides easy descriptions to help you self-assess what size you may need.

  2. A Secure Reno Storage Location:

    If you’re storing valuable belongings, you’ll want to ensure that your possessions are at a secure location where you feel safe accessing them. Ample Storage Reno is a well-lit facility with a security gate and video camera on-site. These features, along with the live-in manager, make sure you feel comfortable with the location and with accessing your belongings at any time.

  3. Convenient Hours:

    Storing seasonal equipment in your Reno storage unit?  Access it whenever you need - particularly with the fast-changing Reno weather!  Access your storage as much as needed, from 6 am to 9 pm seven days a week.

  4. Affordability:

    Paying for an expensive storage unit always feels like a waste. Make sure you’re getting affordable storage through storage discounts!  Ample Storage offers many seasonal discounts to help keep the storage affordable for any budget. Finally, the flexibility of sizing options allows you to select a size that fits best in your budget.

These four tips make choosing a Reno storage unit easier. Furthermore, they will narrow your options. Following this list, you’ll be able to select the best Reno storage unit for you. Choose Ample Storage for affordable, secure, and convenient storage in Reno NV!

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