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Do This Before You Move Into Your South Reno Self Storage

August 25, 2017

maximize storage spaceOrganizing your belongings before you move them into a South Reno self storage unit helps you in the long-run. Often, we are in a rush and crunched for time, but taking a moment to organize and categorize your belongings will improve your overall moving experience. While organization is always helpful there are several other considerations you should make.

moving boxes renoPreparing Your Possessions:

Before you move, organize your items based on their size, weight and category. This will allow you to pack them in appropriately sized containers that will maximize your space usage. To really get your money's worth out of storage units in Reno, Nevada, you will want to maximize your space usage. Consider the following:

  • Organize your items into similar, categorized groups.
  • Disassemble large items before packing for ease of moving.
  • Insulate fragile items with sufficient packing protection like bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Use a label or marker to denote which items are fragile.
  • Use consistently sized boxes.
  • Pack boxes tightly, using a quality packing tape.

Packing furniture:

  • Packing furniture before moving it in a storage unit is an art. You should clean your furniture with a vacuum.
  • After cleaning, empty it.
  • Now apply a furniture protection spray all over it and wipe it with a dry towel.
  • Disassemble the furniture if it is necessary.
  • Cover and protect the furniture with large bed sheets or blankets.
  • Do not apply tape directly on wooden furniture to avoid moisture. Make sure to cover your furniture with white sheets so that no color bleeds on the furniture.

Packing appliances:

Before packing appliances, here are some tips:

  • Clean appliances with bleach to remove any stains and odors.
  • Drain all water or liquids from your appliances.
  • Place large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines etc. with their doors slightly open.

Packing electronic items:

  • Clean and dry all the electronic appliances before packing them.
  • Pack these items together in appropriately sized boxes.
  • Fill empty spaces of the box with sheets or some sort of other absorbent material to avoid moisture and damage.

Packing clothes:crowded closet storage unit

  • Storing clothes can be tricky. To avoid wrinkles, consider hanging your clothes on a clothes rack.
  • Hang clothes on a rack will also improve ventilation.
  • Consider wrapping dressier or more expensive clothing with protective plastic.

Best Storage Units in Reno, Nevada:

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