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Self Storage Units: How to Organize Your Unit Like a Pro

October 19, 2017

The in-laws are coming over and it’s time to impress with the good china. So you get in the car and drive down to your self storage in Reno, NV, unaware of the scene that awaits you. Unmarked boxes are piled to the ceiling in towering stacks. You step around stuffed plastic bags and unused furniture, careful not to accidentally brush a stack and send it crumbling down. Which box held the tableware again? At the time, it felt great to throw all those unused items into the storage shed and get them out of the house, but now you are wishing that you had taken the time to organize your space.

The right management and organization of storage units is a difficult task that makes a huge difference to how space is utilized. To improve your organization skills when using self storage units, follow the tips listed below:

Five Steps to Manage Your Self Storage Units:

When you decide to shift items to your self-storage unit, it is necessary to form a strategy that lets you maximize space and easily access items when needed.

Careful planning of how items are arranged from the very beginning can help ensure that you are capable of efficiently managing and navigating through your self storage units in the future without wasting time trying to find what you’re looking for.

  • Classify Your Items:

    Before you shift your items to your self-storage unit, make sure to categorize and mark your boxes for what their contents are. Keep all the kitchen items together in one box and the bedroom items in another. Then get out the sharpie and scrawl (in large letters) what is in the box, so that it will be easy to see once put in storage.

  • Use The Drawer Space:

    If you clutter your storage unit with equipment and items stacked here and there, you will create a mess, and might even have to rent more storage space. To prevent this, you can use furniture, such as dressers and desks, for extra space.

    To pack up any additional boxes, drawers are ideal for use. Drawers let you store clothing and various other small items. So, a lot of space is saved up for other items.

  • Establish A Logical Arrangement System:

    Always arrange your items in such a way that you can easily access prioritize items whenever needed. This might be putting seasonal items in the back, while putting documents, which may be accessed more frequently, up near the front.

    Form a center aisle that lets you maneuver easily around the space and around your items. Also, this aisle might ensure that the items you might need occasionally remain right in front of you for convenience.

  • Consent Vertical Space:

    Know that you always pay for your unit space in cubic feet. This means that the vertical space is also valuable, just like your horizontal space is. Pile sturdy items on top of each other to maximize space in self storage units and reduce your storage cost.

    However, stacking ten boxes upright in a column might not be the best way to manage space. Place boxes on top of furniture or in smaller columns so those on the bottom are easier to access.

  • Document The Categories Of Items:

    The best way to keep a record of your items is to create a floor plan of your unit. In your floor plan, provide details of each category of items and where it is stored. Another way is to develop a numbering system of your goods and form up an inventory sheet for easy reference.

    Keep the items for each area of your house grouped together. Such as, bedroom items in one area, and kitchen items in another.

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