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How to Protect Your Toys During Winter While Saving Precious Garage Space

November 6, 2017

storage in reno nvAs the winter months are upon us, we are all beginning to prepare ourselves for the harsh weather. From stocking up on soups and hot chocolate, to digging out all of our warm clothes from the back of our closet, there are many ways to get ready.

Often times, we forget about our beloved toys that we have enjoyed over the summer. We don’t think about how the winter weather can affect our boats, RVs, and motorcycles. The cold and wet weather can take a toll on them and even cause lasting damage. Keeping them in the garage is not usually an option because who wants to give up valuable space? In preparing yourself for winter, consider winterizing your toys and storing them safely away in the best storage in Reno NV for the off season.

Where Do I Begin?

Most owner’s manuals contain a section specifically for winterizing and storing your toys, so checking that out is a great place to start. Based on the material your boat, RV, or motorcycle is made up of, different instructions will be given to ensure the best protection. If you “misplaced” (aka threw out) the owner’s manual like most people do, the internet is always a good resource. There are hundreds of videos and articles out there that can help save your precious summer toys.

Quick Tips for Protecting your Boat

The last thing you probably want to do after a wonderful summer on your boat, is to spend hours cleaning it up and preparing it for the next season. It’s important to keep it safe in a Reno storage unit during the cold months. To properly store your boat for winter you should boat storage in reno nvperform the following:

      • Clean the interior and exterior
      • Change the oil and fill up the tank
      • Remove the battery
      • Check the engine for loose wire, connections, etc.
      • Invest in a sustainable cover

Taking care of your boat takes time and can be costly, but it is worth spending the time and money to ensure the protection of your toy. The investment now could very well save you from more serious problems in the future.

A Few Tricks to Protect your RV

After a great summer of traveling in your RV, it deserves some TLC and you should give it the attention it needs. Preparing an RV for storage immediately after summer can expand its the life and save you the hassle of dealing with it right before a new adventure. Here are some tricks to rv storage in reno nvprotect your RV during the off season:

      • Drain all of the tanks
      • Remove all food & turn off the refrigerator
      • Cover all external vents
      • Pressurize the water pump system

Follow these steps to protect your RV from the cold weather, pests, and mold which can ruin a future vacation. Take precautionary measures now and you can potentially be saving a spontaneous adventure or a vacation you have had planned for years.

Hints to Save your Motorcycle from Winter

Most people believe that winterizing your motorcycle is as easy as throwing a cover over it and calling it good, but that is just not the case. A cover is helpful to protect from moisture and the cold temperatures, but it is not the only precaution you should take. Defend your motorcycle storage in reno nvmotorcycle from winter by doing the following:

      • Clean your bike to prevent paint corrosion
      • Change the oil and lube moving parts
      • Top off the gas tank
      • Pull the battery
      • Purchase a high-quality cover

After being stuck inside for several months, you’ll want to get on the road at the first sign of warmth, so make sure you and your motorcycle are ready. Winterize your toy before storing it in a Reno storage unit with these steps and you’ll thank me later.

Repair Now, Not Later

No matter how mechanical you may be, there are just some things that only professionals can do. You are going to want to get any professional services done immediately after your season ends because most people wait to get it done. If you procrastinate until the spring to take your toy into the shop, you could have to wait several weeks or months to get your baby back. Take care of the problem in the fall to ensure quick recovery.

Use Reno Storage, Don’t Waste Garage Space

Allow you may have the option to store your toys in your garage, why take up valuable space with something you can’t use now? Storing your boat in the garage just makes you wish it was summer and that you had more space. After preparing all of your toys for winter, bring them all down to a Reno storage unit at Ample Storage. Here, they can stay locked up and protected for those long winter months. You are investing in the future condition of your toy by protecting it and in your sanity by holding onto your garage space.

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