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Holiday Storage Units Tips to Reduce Stress

November 21, 2017

holiday storage units

Decorating for the holidays should be an exciting activity to do with your family, but often times the worry about where to put it all causes unnecessary stress. If you live in a house that’s limited on storage space, you know this stress all too well. Where are you going to store the tree? How can you keep ornaments from breaking? Tis’ the season for storage containers and holiday storage units! We’ve got just the ones for you.

Getting the right holiday storage units can make all the difference this holiday season, especially if you’re using Ample Storage. So, here are a few holiday storage tips to reduce stress this season.

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Christmas tree bag

Protect Your Christmas Tree for Next Year

Fake Christmas trees take up a lot of space and can be a hassle to assemble and store, but can be a good investment if you take care of them. Neatly packing your tree into a storage container can help keep the branches looking new and allow you to use it for many years. If your tree stays assembled all year round, you can cover it and store it upright in your storage unit, or buy a special bag for even easier storage. Whatever method you choose to protect your tree, keep it in a storage unit and save space in your closet or attic.

Preserve Your Precious Ornaments

ornament storage containerDisassembling a Christmas tree is already a sad thing to do at the end of the holiday season, don’t let broken ornaments make it even more difficult. A few handy storage containers can make packing up holiday decorations a breeze. Creating a good organization system will keep delicate ornaments from breaking, and also easy to find the following year. Investing in some of these organizational containers can protect your precious ornaments and make taking the decorations down a little less painful.

Store Gift Wrap to Save Money Next YearWrapping paper container

It’s very easy to want to throw out left-over holiday gift-wrap, tags, bows, and bags after the holiday season is over. While you may think it’s only a few dollars, that money adds up. Storing away gift wrap and accessories in a neat container can allow you spend the money you saved on more presents. Purchasing an organizational storage container and putting it away in a storage unit will prepare you for next year and save space in your house.

Use an Affordable Storage Unit to Store Holiday Decorations and Save Space

Because holiday decorations are only used once a year, it makes sense to save space in your home and store them elsewhere. Renting a storage unit will be one of the best decisions you make this holiday season. Once you have an affordable storage unit, make holiday decorating a breeze by scheduling a day to pick up all your holiday décor.

After the holidays, write on your calendar a day to take everything down and take it back to storage. Your house will remain clutter free, and you can start the New Year off right.

Holiday Storage Units in Reno

Storing your Christmas decorations in an affordable storage unit will keep it out of sight and out of mind during the rest of the year. It’s a great way to free up closet space and make space for things you use more often. As an extra bonus, it cuts down on clutter and makes the holidays a “special time” when you get to bring out the décor each year.

Don’t let anymore time go to waste! Call Ample Storage today to find the perfect affordable storage units in Reno, Nevada for all of your holiday decoration needs.

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