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Benefits of Getting Storage Units in Reno After Retirement

June 13, 2018

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Most people view storage units in Reno as just a place to store items during a move or to store Christmas decorations 11 months out of the year. Reno storage facilities are so much more! You can use a Reno storage unit at any point in your life, starting during college and all the way until you are retired. Whether you are graduating college, moving to a new city, or retiring and downsizing, short term and long term storage units in Reno Nevada could be the solution.

As we get older and the kids are out of the house, we often downsize or move into a retirement community. Whatever you decided to do, a self storage unit should be a part of your plan. There are many advantages to investing in storage in Reno, NV, some of which can be life saving!

Protection from Fire & Theft

Keeping all of your memories in your home not only takes up space, but also increases the risk of losing those precious items to fire, flood, or theft. Over the years, we tend to collect a lot of different items that become very important to us. By the time we retire, thousands of memories have built up. The thought of the possibility of that we could lose them is devastating. If those items are kept in the attic or basement, there is a chance that they may be lost.

In addition to valuable memories, storing financial information and other important documents in your home is not recommended. Passports, old IDs, financial statements, birth certificates, and Social Security cards need to be kept in a safe, secure place. If these items are lost to fire or theft, many expensive problems arise.

Investing in an affordable storage unit could eliminate all of these risks. Reno storage facilities, such as Ample Storage, offer a safe and secure place to store all of your valuable items. With a wide range of storage unit sizes available, Ample Storage has the perfect unit to fit your needs. Store your important documents and priceless memories in a Reno storage unit to protect them!

Free Up Space When Downsizing

If you choose to downsize, you know that everything in your current home is not going to fit in your new home. So figuring out how to make everything fit can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Storage units are perfect for storing your Christmas decorations you only need once a year, documents you don’t need often, and anything else you won’t need in your new home. Renting either short term or long term storage in Reno, NV will make downsizing easier and help ensure that your new home is clutter free.

The Safest Option

Although people don’t often think that storing items in the attic is unsafe, it can be extremely dangerous; especially for seniors. The ladders to attics are generally very narrow and don’t offer much to hold on to. At a young age, a fall from these ladders is scary, but generally not life threatening. For seniors, however, the risk of serious injury on a ladder is extremely high. Investing in a Reno storage unit eliminates the risk of falling from an attic ladder and increases the space available.

If you are getting older and still store stuff in your attic or know a loved one who does, consider getting a storage unit for yourself or them. Storage units in Reno, Nevada are the solution to this potentially dangerous issue.

Reno Storage Facilities Are Easily Accessible

Similar to the issue of attic ladders, some Reno storage facilities are multi-level and can be dangerous for seniors. When selecting a storage unit company in Reno, NV, consider looking for single level locations for easy accessibility. Single level storage is the best option and should be a major consideration for senior citizens. Reno Ample Storage is entirely single level storage and is perfect for customers of any age. Choose Ample Storage for affordable, secure, and convenient storage in Reno NV!

Connect With Us!

Our Reno short term and long term storage facilities have been helping Northern Nevadans store their valuables since 1987. Whether you’re interested in renting a self storage unit for the long term, short term, or somewhere in between while you are in Reno, Ample Storage has the perfect unit for you. Contact us today to learn about our current Reno storage unit specials!



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