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Five Things You Can Do With Your Reno Self-Storage Unit You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

October 14, 2020

24 hour storage units reno nvWhen most people think of self-storage units, they usually think of moving storage, or storage from downsizing. But there are countless creative ways to use your storage unit—we've got five great ideas to get you started:

Storing expensive collections when you’re going to be gone for an extended period

Avoid tempting savvy thieves with the siren song of your collection of handcrafted, mosaic-encrusted Turkish guitars. When you’re off to an island vacation or another long business trip to Singapore, trust your most prized possessions to a secure self-storage unit, like Ample Storage in south Reno.

Set up a recording studio, or form a garage band

If you’re tired of editing barking dogs or bickering children out of your podcasts every week, or the neighbors have complained about band practice so many times that local police have set up a pop-up station at the end of your street, move your studio into a mini self storage unit. Ample Self-Storage units offer privacy, low prices, and great acoustics. You’ll be playing The Knit in no time.

Holding a garage sale AFTER your move

Oh, intentions—how we love you, if just for a little while. As most anyone who has moved knows, the pre-move garage sale is one of the most stressful parts of moving. There’s all the sorting, all the labeling and pricing, all the setting-out, all the attending. All while you’re trying to schedule the movers and get the kids to work on their closets and get your utilities turned on across town.

Shuttle everything you’ve earmarked for a garage sale into a mini self-storage unit at Ample Storage in south Reno for safe-keeping until the move is done, then hold the garage sale right from the storage unit. Moving out of town? Have friends or family sign on to help hold the garage sale from the storage unit, and let them keep part of the profits.

Turn your college-bound child's room into that studio you've been dreaming about

The last of your kids has left for college, and each time you pass that pristinely-preserved room, you feel the pang of possibility: What if? You feel it in your bones that in that room awaits a masterpiece. A painting, a novel, a set of hand-crafted voodoo dolls. But no, you couldn't! If you cleared out and took over that room, not-so-little Danielle or Daniel would never forgive you. And what would you do with all their music equipment and band posters and that dreadful daybed, anyway?

Do you see where we're going with this? Move your college-age child's room into a small, affordable unit at Ample Self-Storage until they're ready to come home. They never have to know.

Burning Man storage!

Reno is ground zero for Burning Man preparations, and many out-of-towners maintain a mini self-storage unit in Reno all year for their Burning Man gear, structures, and supplies. If you’re a local and a regular Burner, you probably have a garage or a room in your house that’s overrun with playa material, maybe even bits of art car. Set your space free and let Ample Self-Storage in south Reno keep your precious playa possessions safe and ready for your next burn.

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