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Secure Document Storage for Businesses

October 22, 2020

When storing sensitive and important documents, we want our customers to have the peace of mind that they will be safe and secure. Even in this increasingly digital age, secure document storage for businesses is essential.

It’s necessary to keep important information, but often the boss’ office and the extra storage closet just isn’t enough. Keep reading this blog to explore information about document storage for businesses and our tips and tricks for organization.


When looking for a good storage unit for your important documents, security should be your number one priority. Ample Storage is equipped with many security features that will keep you and your storage unit safe.

Our safety features include:

  • A fully lit facility
  • Security gates with electronic passcodes
  • Video cameras
  • No after-hours entry
  • Manager lives on-site

In addition to our security features, customers are able to use their own lock and use a safe or locked file cabinet to store their documents.


Here at Ample Storage, we offer a multitude of different unit sizes. For document storage for businesses, we recommend our 5’x5’ unit. It’s our smallest unit that’s about the size of a closet. It can hold small furniture, a large tool chest, a small quad and several boxes—which should be more than enough for your documents.


We have a few unit organization tips that will help you maximize your storage space to ensure everything is easily accessible and safe.

business storage, business storage unit


Before you even start packing things up, we recommend taking a full inventory of what you will be storing in your unit. Create an inventory list, and make copies so you will know exactly what you will have in there.


After you have tabs on your full inventory, be sure to label. This can save loads of time digging through your unit looking for one specific document. Whether you’re using boxes, storage containers or file cabinets be sure to put labels on what is going in.

Create backups

If possible, create digital backups of every document you will be storing. We do guarantee that your items will be secure, but having backups could save you in the long run.

Pack light, tight and efficiently

Now for the fun part, the actual packing! You can use just about anything to store your documents—boxes, plastic containers, binders, etc—but we recommend using locking, fire retardant safes or filing cabinets.

While packing try to keep it light and store similar documents together. When loading your unit pay close attention to how it’s organized because eventually you’ll have to get things out. Put the documents you will probably never need in the back, and the ones you could possibly need in the front. Locating your documents will never be easier!

Ample Storage Reno, NV

Hopefully this blog has aided you in your process of document storage for businesses. We want to keep our customers fully informed about our features and continue to add storage tips straight from the experts! Contact us today for any questions or to secure your unit.


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