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How to Store Books in a Storage Unit

December 28, 2020

With new Kindles and e-readers, your big collection of books might start to get in the way around the house, but you’re not alone if you don’t want to get rid of your books. There’s just something about opening up a book that these modern e-readers don’t do.

However, storing books can be more difficult than it seems because books are very susceptible to humidity, dust and dirt, moths, and water damage. Keep reading to explore some tips for the most optimal book storage.
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Clean your books

While it may sound bizarre, cleaning your books prior to putting them in your storage unit will help protect from future soiling or staining. Using a soft chemical-free wipe or a nonmagnetic cloth, simply wipe down the outside covers and spine. This will keep your books protected from damage in your storage unit.

Use dividers or wrap your rare books

For some extra protection, pack your books with dividers in between to avoid any covers sticking together. You can use any type of divider, but we recommend using something that doesn’t have words on it so it doesn’t transfer to the book.

For rare or antique books, consider wrapping them to protect them from any damage. We recommend wrapping them in an acid-free archival paper to prevent any yellowing and provide for the most protection.

how to store books in a storage unitPack with spine down or flat

Books are fragile and the pages are easily ripped, so when you’re packing your books up make sure they are packed spine down or just flat stacked on each other. Packing them sideways allows the larger surface area to carry the weight of the books to help distribute the weight better.

We also recommend packing by size and weight by packing the heavy books on the bottom with lighter ones on top and remembering to use dividers, not packing a single box too heavy, and using plastic bins not cardboard boxes.

Alternate spines when packing

Another packing tip is alternating the spines of the books when you’re packing them to maximize the storage space and fit as many books as you can. It will give you more space as well as preventing spine damage.

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