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Tips for Long Term Car Storage

July 24, 2022

Where to Store Your Ride When the Nights Get Cooler

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The streets are rhythmically vibrating, the smell of burning rubber and sweet exhaust fills the air, and rides that span over 100 years of automotive ancestry are rolling through. It must mean Hot August Nights in Northern Nevada! Whether you’re preparing to take your car out of long term storage, or need to store it after the festivities, it's best to make sure it’s properly maintained so that it roars right back to life after sitting.

After all, cars are complex pieces of machinery that require attention - both when moving and static. The engine’s system, power train, braking system and steering are just a few of the major components to inspect and address before and after storage. Check out these long term storage tips to prolong the looks and life of your car!

Storage Tips for Storage Units

Before you think about putting your car away in a Reno storage unit, you’ll want to make sure it's ready to sit for a long period of time. When all those moving parts suddenly halt while in storage, there are opportunities for components to fail, fluids to corrode, and critters to find a new home. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to gear your car up for an extended stay in a storage facility.

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  • Wash the Car inside and out. An exterior wash and wax will reduce paint contamination from the elements. On the interior, it's important to condition your upholstery to keep it supple and fresh.
  • Add stabilizer fluid to the gas tank and fill 'er up! Stabilizers hinder the oxidation process by bonding to water droplets and reducing the separation that occurs in gasoline over time.
  • Change your car's oil. Old, contaminated oil can degrade internal components and cause sludge over time.
  • Keep Your Battery Charged. Disconnecting the leads and hooking it up to a trickle-charger will prolong the life of your battery. It also couldn't hurt to clean the leads while you're in there!
  • If possible, place your ride on jack stands and deflate each tire's pressure to 15-20 PSI. This reduces the chance of flat spots on your tires from prolonged storage.
  • Plug any exterior holes. Though unlikely at Ample Storage, rodents, insects, and spiders have a way of finding a home in cozy spots like your exhaust. Aluminum foil should do the trick.
  • Don't Pull the Parking Brake! It may be tempting, but doing so may fuse the brake components in place if they encounter moisture.
  • Cover your car. It's your pride and joy, so tuck it in properly before closing the storage door. This reduces dust and moisture buildup, further preserving your ride.
  • Last but not least: Store it inside! Our high desert weather sees temperature swings from single to triple digits. Exposure to the elements is highly detrimental to your car's health and appearance. You can take all of the precautionary measures above, but your car would still have a hard time coping with our summers and winters outdoors. If you don't have extra space in your garage, a Reno storage facility is a great way to preserve your ride. Trust us - a little investment in storage costs will save you the headache of restoring your car to running shape for the next Hot August Nights.

Classic Car Storage of Reno, NV

If you are looking for long term storage for your car surrounding Hot August Nights, visit Ample Storage. We have a variety of storage unit sizes to suit your car. Ample Storage has a reputation for being the best car storage Reno has to offer because we have safe, affordable storage unit access. Contact Ample Storage to take your car into self storage in Reno NV today!

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