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Declutter Your Life: Why You should Rent a Self Storage Unit

October 5, 2023
  • Are you submerged in a sea of stuff? Struggling to navigate the maze your belongings have morphed your home into? You're not alone. In our materialistic culture, we accumulate things faster than we can sort, manage, or even remember them. While a quick spring clean might offer temporary relief, a more lasting solution can be found at Reno's Ample Storage.
  • Why Choose Ample Storage?

  • The keyword is trust. When you're storing items that are valuable both in monetary and sentimental terms, you need a storage facility in Reno that understands your needs. Ample Storage is not just about renting you a space; it's about providing peace of mind through our storage unit rentals in Reno.
  • Boxing up important items
  • The staff at Ample Storage offers friendly customer service, ready to answer your questions, and guide you through the process. The units are clean, move-in-ready, and most importantly, secure. Your privacy is valued, and so are your belongings.
  • The Size for Every Need

  • As the old saying goes, "one size doesn't fit all." Ample Storage gets it. With eight different sized units—from the cozy 5' x 5' to the sprawling 20' x 20'—this facility makes sure it has something for everyone for your storage unit rentals in Reno, NV.
  • 5' x 5' ($65/month): Ideal for small items, a few boxes, or your outdoor gear. It's a closet away from home.
  • 5' x 10' ($80/month): Got a mattress or a sofa to store? This is your go-to size.
  • 10' x 10' ($125/month): For those in-between homes or renovating, your one-bedroom apartment can fit snugly here.
  • 10' x 15' ($145/month): Got a two-bedroom space? Look no further.
  • 10' x 20' ($165/month): Ideal for storing vehicles or the contents of a small house.
  • 10' x 30' ($200/month): Furnishings from a medium-sized home can be stored with room to spare.
  • 10' x 40' ($260/month): A two-car garage worth of space for all your larger needs.
  • 20' x 20' ($300/month): For those who have a lot, this is the epitome of spaciousness.
  • Scenarios Where Ample Storage Shines

  • Imagine you're a college student going on a semester abroad. Your rented room isn't going to keep itself, and neither will your belongings fit in your parents' already cramped garage. A 5' x 5' unit can safely store your belongings until you return to your storage unit rental in Reno.
  • Perhaps, you're downsizing. The kids have moved out, and it's time to move to a smaller, more manageable space. But what about all those memories—the artwork, the old furniture, the heirlooms? A 10' x 20' unit can be the temporary home for these items until you decide what to do with them.
  • Storage Unit Tips from Ample Storage

  • Before you put the lock on your unit, some tips can make your storage experience even better:
  • Label your Boxes: Knowing what’s where will save you time and trouble.
  • Don't Overload: Heavy boxes are prone to breakage. Spread the weight evenly.
  • Wrap Fragile Items: Extra padding can go a long way.
  • Keep Inventory: Maintain a list of what you've stored, just in case.
  • Quality Locks: A robust lock is a small investment for added security.
  • A Community-Centric Approach

  • What sets Ample Storage apart is its dedication to serving the Reno community. Offering affordable short-term and long-term plans, the facility understands that your needs might change, and flexibility is key.
  • So, if you're in Reno and need to declutter your life, remember that Ample Storage is more than a storage facility—it's a life-simplifying solution.
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