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Spring is in the air which means it’s time to share our favorite spring cleaning hacks for a fresh and happy home. Considered the first season of the year, spring is the perfect time to give your home a thorough cleaning as it represents the ability to start anew. And while some of us are eager and excited to get started, others are trying their best to put it off as long as possible. 

According to Peter Walsh though, “Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded list of chores. It can be a rewarding experience that helps provide some structure and organization in your life.” So, if you’re getting ready to begin your deep clean, use some of these spring cleaning hacks from Reno Ample Storage to help guide you.

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Spring Cleaning Hacks 

You’ve likely seen your fair share of ineffective spring cleaning hacks and may now be skeptical to try any more, but we promise these cleaning tips are actually useful. Josie Brown, a best-selling author, once said “The key to spring cleaning is to be ruthless! Throw out anything and everything you never use.” With this in mind, don’t be afraid to purge your home of anything that you no longer enjoy, never use, or just don’t have space for. Any items that you don’t want to keep in your home but aren’t ready to part with can be conveniently stored away in a self-storage unit for safekeeping. Now, let’s get into the cleaning hacks!

#1 Draft a Cleaning Schedule

To make spring cleaning more manageable, we recommend that you draft yourself a cleaning schedule. This will help keep you on course and spreading your tasks throughout the week will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. You can even create a cleaning map that sections off parts of the house that need to be cleaned each day. Designating certain areas of the house to be cleaned on specific days will ensure you stay on the right track. 

#2 Follow a Cleaning Checklist 

Another way to keep yourself organized when cleaning is to follow a spring cleaning checklist. A spring cleaning checklist should include all of the cleaning tasks you need to complete. To make this cleaning hack even more useful, organize your checklist by room to closely follow the cleaning schedule you created. 

#3 Make Cleaning More Fun

Okay, so obviously cleaning isn’t fun for everyone, but you can always add fun things into your spring cleaning routine to make it more enjoyable. For example, you can put on your favorite music playlist and jam out while you clean, or listen to a podcast you’re interested in. This can help your time go by much faster and who knows, it may even get you excited about cleaning. 

#4 Cleaning With Fresh Lemons spring cleaning hacks

The high amounts of citric acid in lemons make it a highly effective natural cleaner for a variety of surfaces in your home including water taps, stainless steel appliances, the inside of the microwave, the garbage disposal, and more. To clean using lemons, mix together lemon juice and hot water in a small bowl and apply directly to the surface using a soft cloth. 

#5 Upholstery Cleaning 

This spring cleaning hack could save your furniture from facing a cleaning mishap. Different types of materials come with varying care instructions which is crucial for proper cleaning and maintenance. Most upholstery has some sort of cleaning label attached to it which may include the letters “x”, “s”, “s-w”, and “w”. Here’s what they mean:

#6 Organize Your Closet

Spring cleaning is all about starting fresh and there’s no better way to do that than with a closet revamp. Start by removing everything from your closet and dresser. Organize your clothes into piles, one for keeping, one for donating, and one for storing. If you have a lot of seasonal clothing but don’t have the space for all of it to stay out year-round, consider getting a self-storage unit to keep your extra clothes safe. Once your piles are made, refold your clothes and organize them into the closet however you like.

#7 Vacuum Wall Corners, Windowsills, and Baseboards

Some areas of the home that tend to really collect dust are the corners of walls, baseboards, and windowsills. One of the easiest ways to quickly tackle these areas is to use the vacuum attachment to suck up any cobwebs, dirt, dust, and pet hair that might have gotten trapped here. 

#8 Clean Your Showerhead

This spring cleaning hack will make cleaning your bathroom’s showerhead a breeze. Mineral build-up from water is common on showerheads and can affect your water flow. To unclog the showerhead, place a bag of vinegar over the fixture and secure using a rubber band or zip-tie. Let sit for 12 hours and rinse clean. 

#9 Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets easily get cluttered with food storage containers, silverware, and other cooking utensils. For better organization of your kitchen cabinets, use small plastic organizers to keep small items together, a dish drying rack for Tupperware lids, and even a lazy susan to make your items more easily accessible.

#10 Purge Your Home of Unwanted Items

Many of us have more things in our homes than there is space for. Now’s the perfect time to remove any extra items you have laying around, or anything you don’t regularly use, and place it in a self-storage facility for safekeeping. Any items that you do not wish to keep in your home can be put in your storage unit until you decide what you want to do with them. This helps free up space in your home and ensures you still get to hang on to your things. 

storage unit sizes

Now is the best time to give your home some attention, especially if you’ve been putting off cleaning. With long-term storage and short-term storage options available, working with a self-storage facility like Reno Ample Storage can help you complete your spring cleaning by providing a solution to all of your clutter and storage needs.

Reno Ample Storage provides exceptional self-storage options to everyone. With a variety of storage unit sizes, competitive prices, and secure and safe storage, you can trust that your investment was well worth it when you work with us.

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It's diapers, dirt and doubt that fill your life in the early years of your kid's life- then you all get older and wiser, when by round two or three you've got this parenting thing down. Flash forward to when you walk into your home, stop, and stand in the foyer listening for the sounds of feet running up the stairs or arguing between siblings; all you hear is quiet. You've just returned from the university, moving your baby into what will be their home for the next 4 years.

You've got an empty nest.

After the initial shock wears off you move on to the important question... what are you going to do with all this freed space? You’ve always wanted that yoga/pottery/sewing studio. A new sports den for the husband and his boys (that man cave we spoke about can finally become a reality) or maybe just a room to devote to your favorite pastime- ceramic cat collecting.

Oh, the options are endless!

But wait, what are you going to do with the mounds of clutter that have piled up from 18 years of little league and trombone practice, not to mention that hefty collection of athletic shoes piled up near the closet?

A Reno, Nevada self storage unit may be the perfect solution.

A 5’x5’ Reno storage unit would be perfect to store all of Jr.’s memorabilia from over the years, or maybe a 5’x10’ if you also want to clear out the bed and furniture. Units range all the way to 20’x20, in case Jr. did a really good job of compounding his chaos from over the years.

Whatever your storage needs be, you can count on Ample Storage to help you redecorate and refurnish your once empty nest into a new room that fits your style and needs.

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What is a man cave?

Man Cave; noun 1. a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household.

Married or unmarried, the man cave is an essential part of any coed living situation. This refuge is necessary to ensure a cohesive living environment and maintain sanity amongst the men of the household.

This area can be used to watch sports and movies, play video games, pool or foosball, and consume adult beverages, all in stride with the other standard manly-man things.

Here are a few of our favorite transformations...

The Golf Cave:


The Movie Theater Man Cave:


The Gym Cave:


The Wine Connoisseur’s Cave:


What about the wo-man cave?

Well I think it's easy to see that a cave could be created to accommodate you and maybe even the kids (if they’re lucky). The same area that could become a sports haven could also be a game room, craft area or family theater.

This area could be used to entertain guests and provide a little peace of mind when you need some space.

The moral of the story is…

Whether it is your garage, basement, or a spare room, you can manage to wipe out the clutter and utilize the area for something much more enjoyable. This could be an awesome DIY project that you could tackle or maybe the area you envisioning just needs a little attention and rearranging.

Take a look at the space you have now and visualize what it could be. Then take the step and start clearing it out.

Let us hang on to the clutter, so you can get your man cave on!

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The A&E reality television series, Storage Wars, debuted in December of 2010. Since then the show’s gain in popularity has influenced the creation of multiple spin-off series. This popularity has also created a rise in the interest of auction “hunters” in real storage auctions. So, we thought you might like the nitty-gritty lowdown on: how real storage auctions are.

Real Storage Auctions vs. Storage Wars

Even if you don’t watch the series, there is still a good chance that you have heard of the show. Possibly because of the numerous lawsuits that have surrounded its short 3 year lifespan. These suits range from authenticity to salary disputes and have caused grief for much of their fan base and the “reality tv” sector as a whole.

Myth 1: The Authenticity of Auctioning

In the Storage Wars series, each episode will showcase multiple storage units being auctioned at one location. This in itself is not accurate.

In reality, the frequency of people abandoning their unit with all of its contents is not high. This frequency diminishes even more so when people have valuable things within their storage unit.

Which brings us to our next point... there may be treasures that turn up in abandoned units but unfortunately, not as often as we would like. Storage Wars has a pretty consistent 2 out of 3 ratios that they work with. Most episodes showcase two units that are winners and one that is a dud. Generally only one BIG winner, but nonetheless the auction hunters who get these units walk away profitable or at least breaking even.

Myth 2: The Costs of Being an Auction Hunter

One piece of very valid information that every prospect hunter should know, and that Storage Wars either misrepresents or skips over completely... sunk costs.

Think about this, when a storage unit is auctioned off you are buying everything in it, whether gold or garbage, and becoming responsible for removing all said content.

Truth to the TV:

One thing that the television series has dead on is that when there is an auction, bidders are not allowed to enter the unit. This helps keep the auction moving at a fast pace and eliminates the risk of something being removed before it has been auctioned.

Auctions are always a LAST resort...

Although this type of auction has become popular, we'd like to emphasize we don't jump to auctioning a unit’s contents. The process of trying to contact a client is very long and very thorough. We will exhaust every option for contacting a client, including emergency contacts, before we consider putting the unit on auction. Even after the unit is set to be auctioned, if at anytime we receive contact from the client the auction process will be stopped.

Group auctions aren’t always how facilities get rid of a unit’s contents either. Some laws forbid this type auction so, the unit will be auctioned off one piece at a time.

Despite the reality check, storage auctions are real. They very well could be the new, landlocked, non-violent and completely legal equivalent of being a pirate... which is awesome. If you are interested in finding out when and where there are going to be auctions in Reno, check out

Or go ahead and give us a call and we’d be glad to answer your questions!


At Ample Storage we talk a lot about security; this is an indication of our priorities. Nothing is taken more seriously at our facility than ensuring that your belongings are safely stored in your unit. It has long been our goal to be the most secure self storage in Reno. We go about achieving this in several different ways. Our experience has shown us that no single precaution is effective. That is why we have several top-rated features in place to provide the highest level of security possible.


We Start with a Fence

It sounds simple but adequate fencing really does work to deter potential threats. Our fence is consistently checked to guarantee that it has not been compromised. We do regular inspections to confirm that no links have been cut and that it is completely intact.

A fence is only effective when combined with a gate that can restrict access from the public. No one comes through the gate that is not currently renting a unit. If a person does not have a unit in our facility then they probably have no reason to be on the property. By regulating access we can cut down on theft substantially.

24 Hour Surveillance

While regulating access provides significant security advantages, it does not complete the package. Our facility is under 24-hour surveillance. We have security cameras placed in strategic locations monitoring the actions of everyone who comes inside. If someone is trying to get into a unit that does not belong to them, we will see it.

Ample's sign for cheap self storage.

To ensure that our cameras have the ability to operate not only during the day, but also at night, we have installed a lighting system that covers every inch of the property. This has the added benefit of deterring theft as well. Thieves love to hide in dark places. When there are none to be found they tend to look somewhere else.

All of the features combine to guarantee that when you choose us as your location for self storage in Reno, you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Plus, our manager lives on site. This allows for quicker response times in the event someone breaks in and is a great deterrent as well. Even with all our security features, we still are a very affordable option. Call or bring your truck down and we will be glad to give you a quote. We take the worry out of Reno storage.



self storage in reno

When you place your belongings in self storage in Reno, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not they will be there when you return for them. When you choose Ample Storage to be your option for secure Reno storage, this concern is virtually eliminated. We work to ensure that your belongings are in the safest place possible. Here are a few features we have to ensure that our promise to keep your belongings safe is kept.


Security Features:

  1. Well Lit Facility

    Every inch of our property is drenched with light, 24/7. It is much more difficult to steal when you are completely visible.

  2. Security Gate

    Our security gate can only be opened with a code. Day or night, nobody gets in without a code.

  3. No After-Hours Entry

    Believe it or not, theft is common from people who have purchased a unit just to get a code. They prey upon 24-hour facilities, coming in once traffic has died down. However, at Ample Storage, this is not an option.

  4. On-site Manager

    All of these features would mean little if there wasn’t someone there to ensure they are working properly. We never leave your belongings unattended. Our manager lives on-site and is constantly guarding your valuables.


Safe and Secure Storage in Reno, NV

To go above and beyond the self storage services we are providing, we also recommend that you buy a good sturdy lock. When combined with all of our other security features, your belongings are likely more secure with us in your Reno storage unit than in most homes. We take pride in keeping your belongings safe and we understand that it is one of the reasons why we are still your best choice for secure Reno storage.




storage tips

Last week we began discussing some tips on how to safely store your belongings. This week we are diving in further. Water damage is problematic in many storage facilities, even in Reno. Seeing as how even the meteorologists are not very good at predicting the weather, here are some Reno storage tips to ensure that water does not destroy your valuables:

Moisture Protection

Incurring water damage on a priceless item can be absolutely heartbreaking. These tips should provide peace of mind that your belongings are safe from the elements. However, there are more intelligent threats to contend with. Mothballs are not just something your grandma used. Moths are still a threat, especially to clothing that is sitting in storage. Mothballs are a cheap and effective way of dealing with this threat. But the most important tip that we can recommend is purchasing a good lock. Thieves look for weaknesses, and cheap locks are exactly that. The extra money spent on a good lock will definitely pay off.

With these Reno storage tips in mind, you are ready to successfully store your items without problems. Ample Storage would be proud to be your choice for self-storage in Reno. We pride ourselves on operating a clean and safe facility, and are always ready to give you an affordable quote on your Reno storage unit needs.


self storage in reno

25 Years of Self Storage in Reno, NV

Ample Storage is very proud to have successfully reached our 25th year here in this beautiful Reno community we call home. We aren’t the newest option for self storage in Reno; we are the most reliable option. We pride ourselves in not being a chain, which allows us to better serve our customers on a much more personal level. When you are talking to us, you aren’t talking to a hidden corporation based on the other side of the country. Instead, you are talking to a Reno business that is as proud to reside in the Biggest Little City as you are.

“We’re not the biggest, just the best”

When we first opened in 1987, we adopted the saying, “We’re not the biggest, just the best.” It has been our motto ever since. We live up to this simple phrase by ensuring that our customers get the friendliest service, the cleanest storage units and the most secure facility to store their valuables in Reno. By following this formula, we have built solid relationships with local residents and businesses. We know that if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us.

We would like to invite you down to see all Ample Storage can do to handle your storage needs. Whether you are looking for a Reno storage unit that is large or small, temporary or long-term, we have what you need for self storage in Reno. Let us show you why we are the best.

Thank you, Reno, for all you have done for us, it has been a privilege serving this community and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

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