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No matter how much stuff we already have in our house, Christmas always tends to create an unbelievable amount of clutter. Even when we don’t ask for things for Christmas, relatives and friends still seem to get us presents. It might not seem like it at first, but all of these gifts add up and take up space. Before you know it, you have a cluttered situation on your hands and another chore added to the list. We have a few ideas, including Reno storage units, to help you keep your Christmas clutter-free.

Spring Clean in the Winter

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Around the holidays, you should plan on doing some spring cleaning. I know spring cleaning in the winter doesn’t make much sense, but I promise it will help. If you are able to remove some of the clutter, you can make room for new stuff. The best time to get this cleaning done is between Thanksgiving and New Years. The kids are home to help, you have some time off work, and you have to clean up for company anyways.

Get the Kids Involved

The kids are home from school for a couple weeks during the holidays, so getting them involved is a great idea. They probably aren’t going to be too happy about having to clean up on their break, but there is a way to persuade them. Institute the “If you want it, make room for it” rule and they will be glad to help. If they want that skateboard on their Christmas list, they are going to get rid of the old skates and scooter to make room. This little incentive will get the kids helping and reduce the clutter of toys around the house.

Get a Temporary Storage Unit in Reno, NV

Mini self-storage units can be the perfect way to get a cluttered situation under control. Sometimes, the holidays just get too busy before we’ve had a chance to sit down and sort everything from mismatched chairs to overrun toolboxes to overflowing bookshelves. But there are relatives to make room for, and potentially more incoming furniture, tools, books, and other things. A self-storage unit like the ones at Ample Storage can keep your stuff organized, safe, and out of your way until after you’ve enjoyed (and recovered from) the festivities.

Ask For Intangibles This Year

Consider letting friends and family know that you want to do Christmas differently this year. Suggest eliminating tangible gifts and point to experiences you’d like to have, places you’d like to go, and charities you’d like a donation sent to in your name. Better yet, suggest pooling all your money and having a great experience together as a family on vacation. These gifts mean so much more and won’t create clutter in your home.

Make your holidays more enjoyable by cleaning out the clutter early and investing in storage in Reno, NV. Ample Storage prides itself on being the cleanest, nicest, and most secure Reno storage option. With the best value facilities and the space to store your stuff, Ample is your partner in safe self storage.

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In recent years, a concentrated rise against consumerism has swept over the population. The idea that you can be more and accomplish more with less is gaining traction not only with older generations but with Millennials as well. Known as a minimalist lifestyle, people from every facet of life are embracing the act of decluttering. They want to make room for peace and less stress in their daily lives. But what is a minimalist, exactly?

What is a Minimalist?

Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, defined minimalism as “… lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives.” The minimalist movement has created an awareness of how fewer material items can pave the way for a more fulfilled life. It makes room for satisfactory health, personal and family relationships, individual and spiritual growth, and contribution to society.

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How to Be a Minimalist

While it seems becoming a minimalist means living without what we may be used to, it's not the case. Minimalist living is not the same for everyone. Not every individual seeking a minimal style must consider downsizing your home. Instead, becoming a minimalist means you take away the things that do not serve a purpose. Things without a purpose in your day to day life.

Start by following these minimalist tips.

Take Inventory of What you Need

Becoming a minimalist begins with taking careful inventory of the belongings you use each day.  Be sure take the time to determine what it is you want to keep. Don't just get rid of things just to declutter. If you use certain small kitchen appliances each day, keep them. It makes little sense to set those aside for donation, storage or trash just to create more open space. However, the boxes of decorations that occupy your living space may be the perfect place to begin to declutter.

Go Room by Room

minimalist bedroomAfter you’ve taken inventory of the items you use, determining how to become a minimalist gets easier. Start in a single room where you spend a substantial amount of time (living room or bedroom), and weed out the things that do not serve a purpose there.

For instance, it is common for individuals striving for minimal style to begin in their closet, getting rid of clothes that were purchased and never worn or simply no longer fit regarding style or size. Once you have completed a single room, move on to the next and follow the same principles to create a minimalist living environment.

Reno Storage Units

Remember the steps on how to be a minimalist are not the same for everyone. Downsizing your home is not always the best approach, especially for those with small children or aging parents. Similarly, getting rid of every item not currently in use isn't rational. For instance, family heirlooms that are intended for your children or grandchildren can be removed from your home to create a minimalist style, without you having to let go completely. If you find yourself overwhelmed with getting rid of items that may be needed down the road, consider getting a Reno storage unit from Ample Storage to set aside specific things.

A minimalist home does not look the same for each individual or family but instead focuses on the same core components. Less stuff and clutter creates the space necessary for a less stressful, more satisfactory life, even if your belongings are simply held outside your main living space.

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