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reno storage unit, storage in reno nv, reno storage facilitiesYou may think that simply putting your furniture in storage will provide all the protection it needs while you’re not using it, but this is not always true. Nonchalantly placing furniture that is dirty or hasn’t been properly disassembled is not proper storage etiquette. You want your furniture to be secure and safe while it’s in a storage unit and this starts with how you store it in the first place. If you want your furniture to come out of storage looking just as it did before, or even better than when you put it there, then take a look at these furniture storage tips.

Prepping Your Furniture for Storage

It’s important to prepare your furniture for long term storage. Depending on the length of time your furniture is in a storage unit, it could affect how well your furniture stays intact. Help keep your furniture in the best condition possible by taking care of it before it goes to sit in storage. 


Begin by cleaning your furniture. Use a leather cleaning solution to clean leather sofas and chairs. You can find multi-surface cleaners to tackle dirt and dust on tabletops and matching stools or chairs. For end tables and coffee tables made of glass, use a glass cleaner to get streak free results. Also, you can use a rust protectant for furniture made of metal. Properly cleaning your furniture is the first step to maintaining its quality. 


Another preparation you should make before putting furniture in a storage unit is to disassemble anything you can. You can take the legs off of tables and chairs, dismantle bookshelves, and take apart bed frames. Make sure you keep all parts of the piece of furniture together. You can place nails and screws or other small hardware pieces in plastic bags and attach it to the furniture so you don’t misplace or lose it. Disassembling furniture makes transporting and storing such items much easier. This will also allow you to have extra room in your storage unit for other items or even more furniture. 


After you’ve cleaned and disassembled all the furniture that you could, go the extra step and cover your furniture for further protection. You can buy couch and sofa covers that are fitted to form around the entire sofa. Sheets can be used to cover mattresses and other large pieces of furniture. Another helpful tool you’ll want to invest in is stretch wrap. This will keep your furniture secure and can also cut down on dirt and dust that might collect on your furniture. 

How To Properly Pack Your Storage Unitstorage in reno nv

Now that you’ve prepped your furniture for travel and storage, it’s time to organize your furniture into your storage unit. You want to be careful where you place things because carelessness can result in damaged furniture and that’s the last thing you want to happen. You also want to be strategic about your placement in order to get the most out of your unit. Think of it as a game of Tetris, and try to utilize as much space as possible without damaging any furniture. 

Keep These Furniture Storage Tips In Mind

It’s important to know that not all storage units come with climate control, so you’ll want to research this before settling on a storage unit. Climate control can really affect how your furniture keeps while it sits in long term storage. High heat can ruin leather and the cold can weaken wooden tables and chairs. Maintaining the temperature of your unit can help avoid tragic mishaps like damaged furniture. 

Reno Self Storage

If you’re looking for self and secure storage in Reno, NV, then give Ample Storage a call today. We have a variety of sizes ranging from 5x5 to 20x20. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing as well as our security. Our storage facility is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance as well as onsite staff. Whether you need long term or short term storage in Reno, Ample Storage is here to assist in all of your self storage needs. 

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The winter season has been a brutal one in Reno, Nevada. With spring in our eye view, it's time to knock out some of those chores you've been putting off all season. With the help of Reno NV self storage companies like Ample Storage, you can take on all of your spring cleaning tasks and make space in your home for new items.

Why You Should Invest in a Self-Storage Unit for Spring Cleaning

Store Your Winter Clothing

Winter is coming to a close and it's time to make room for your spring and summer wardrobe. We recommend going through your clothing and gathering all of your winter coats, sweaters, boots, and other garments. After you've removed all of your winter clothes, label and pack them away into boxes and containers. Then come next winter, all you have to do is go into your self-storage unit and retrieve your winter clothes!

One Room at a Time

We know that cleaning can be a daunting task. Many people try to fit all of their home cleanings into a few hours, but after a while, you will start to run out of steam and lose all motivation. To remedy this, try splitting your home cleaning into several days, devoting one day to a specific room in the house. Stick with this schedule and you'll be done with your spring cleaning in no time!

Gather Items for a Yard Sale

Spring cleaning is all about assessing what items you absolutely need. This can be clothing, books, toys, accessories, anything! All of the items you are not using, but still would like to keep can be stored away; and all of the items you don't need or have no use for can be sold/donated. Once you've put together all of the items you no longer need, set a date for a yard sale.

Trusted Reno NV Self Storage

Whether you are looking for a large or small space to store your items during the spring and summer seasons, Ample Storage will help you choose from the perfect self-storage units in Reno, Nevada for you and your needs.


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