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Moving can be stressful and can cause some necessary things to be overlooked, but Ample Storage has offered up some Reno moving help with these 2020 moving tips. The first steps you take to start moving are the most important and are often the ones that people dread the most. You can either choose to make the move on your own or hire movers for help along the way. Either way, the steps you take in the beginning make the whole process a lot easier for everyone. 

Take Inventory

Begin by taking note of everything that you plan to move. Write down what’s most important, what’s fragile, and even label what room you want each box to go in. This will help you organize your boxes and will help you keep track of where everything is. 


Throughout this process, you may begin to realize how much unnecessary stuff you actually have. Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of things that you might not need in your new home. Getting rid of these things you don’t need anymore will ease the packing load and will cut down the time of your packing process. Donate the things you decide you don’t want to take with you on your move.boxes storage, reno self storage

Choose What Room To Tackle First

After you have taken note of everything, it’s time to decide where you are starting the packing process. The key to this step is not moving to another room until the first room you chose is completely packed and ready. Packing can be a long process, so it’s best to start with a room that you don’t use often. This will help you keep a sense of normalcy in your most-used rooms as long as you can. You can also choose to get the most difficult things to move out of the house first! Get the big, heavy things out so you can just focus on packing the rest of the house. 

Pack In Advance

You will be surprised by how much you actually need to pack! To help with this, get the non-essentials out of the way. These are the things you won’t need to use from now until you are all settled in your new home. These items could be decorations, cooking items you don’t always use, toys and even your electronics! Get those out of the way so you just have to focus on the main things in your home.

Scheduling Movers

Packing can be very overwhelming! Getting professional help can only make your moving process smoother and take away some of your stress. Do your research on companies, compare quotes, and read reviews to make sure you are hiring the best company for your move. Then let the movers take it from there and move i!  reno self storage

Reno Moving Help

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you plan on moving. Storage units are a great way to help you keep your belongings organized and hopefully ease some of your stress. Ample Storage is here to fulfill your Reno self storage needs with the right sized unit for all of your possessions. Contact us to hear about our current specials that other Reno storage facilities are not offering!

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