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If you’re about to embark on the adventure of moving to Reno, or you’re new to Reno and looking to get to know your new home, we’ll help get you up to speed on your Reno-related trivia.

Reno is farther west than Los Angeles

That’s right. If you’re coming from LA, have some fun with your friends and tell them you’re moving west to Reno. Los Angeles is 118.24148 degrees west longitude, and Reno is 119.78949 degrees west longitude—a difference of about 100 miles.

Reno was put on the map by failed marriages

Las Vegas might be known as the wedding capital of the world, but Reno was made famous by easy divorces. Many a disgruntled bride—some of them famous—set up camp in Reno for the required six week wait until they were eligible for residency, which meant eligible for divorce.

Reno is named for a man who…never set foot in Reno

As was common back in the mid-1800s, Reno is named for a fallen soldier. In this case, Major General Jesse Lee Reno, who, as far as anyone knows, never actually visited Reno.

Reno is fertile ground for “firsts”

Including those that go on to be widely adopted, like Levi jeans, the upside-down roller-coaster, and the first non-human (a chimpanzee named Washoe) to communicate via sign language.

In Reno, it’s 20 minutes to everywhere.

If you’re relocating to Reno from San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, New York, Chicago—heck, just about anywhere—you’re in for a treat. With the exception of outlying suburban areas, Reno’s relatively light traffic and small grid mean you can typically cross town in 20 minutes or less.

Reno has the best mini and self storage facility in the country. True story!

Ample Self Storage in south Reno is located right off the freeway on South Virginia, between Huffaker and Patriot, with easy access from South Meadows and Damonte Ranch. No contracts, no deposits. Just top-notch service at Reno’s friendliest and most secure storage facility. Come check us out to get your Reno storage unit today!


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