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When you place your belongings in a Reno storage unit, you generally have a couple of expectations. First, you expect the items to be in the same condition as when they were placed in the unit. And second, you expect to feel safe as you visit the storage unit. Therefore, the security of your items and the safety of the facility should be the top priority of the storage company. If you are looking for secure storage units in Reno, Nevada that ensures the safety of your items and yourself, Ample Storage has you covered!

In order to keep the storage facility safe and secure, there are several security features that your storage company in Reno, NV should employ. Be sure to look for and ask about these features before choosing a self-storage company!

Secure Reno Storage Features to Look For:

Fully Lit Facility

The lighting of storage in Reno, NV plays a major role in the protection of your items and yourself. Fully lit Reno storage facilities deters thieves and protects you from tripping over something or running into anything. People planning to break into units will avoid well-lit places because they are more likely to be caught in the light. In addition to protection from robbers, you are also able to see where you are going and avoid injuring yourself.

Securely Gated Property

A security gate is the first defense against thieves. Properties that are completely fenced in, with one entrance and exit are extremely secure. This one entrance should be a security gate with either key code or fob access. A security gate that requires a password or fob ensure that only people who have units at this location will be allowed in. No outsiders will be granted access and the risk of theft is eliminated.

Video Surveillance

Similar to how a lot of people have surveillance cameras installed around their houses, video surveillance is essential for security at Reno storage facilities. If a thief notices cameras around the property, they are not likely to go anywhere near that place. Video cameras work as a means to ward off threats and to have proof in the event of a robbery. In the unfortunate and unlikely event that something does happen, security footage will help catch the criminals.

Restricted Hours

Although it may be nice to go to storage units in Reno, Nevada at any time of the day, it’s better to have restricted hours. Most criminal activity happens at Reno storage facilities late at night and in the early hours of the morning. It is wise for storage companies to designate hours for accessing units. Outside of those hours, the facility should be completely locked down and not allow entrance to anyone. This protects the property from any unwanted guests that may do damage to the units.

Full-time On-Site Manager

One of the most important security features a Reno self-storage company can have is a full-time manager that lives on-site. These managers are there to make sure everything is running smoothly and to watch over the property 24/7. Having an on-site manager gives customers the peace of mind that someone is watching over the facility and is there in the event of an emergency.

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Here at Ample Storage Reno, we want our customers to be confident that their items are securely stored. For that reason, we have a gated facility, security cameras, and a live-in onsite manager. Call us today to reserve your Reno storage unit!


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