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Are you a Reno resident feeling swamped by the magnitude of your possessions? Perhaps your garage is bursting at the seams, or maybe your closets are on the brink of overflow. If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to consider a simple yet transformative solution: a 5x5 storage unit in Reno from Ample Storage.

Understanding the 5x5 Unit

At the heart of Ample Storage's offerings is the 5x5 unit, the most compact in their range, priced at an affordable $65 per month. So, what can you fit into this space? Think of it as an extension of your home's storage. It's roughly the size of a closet and can comfortably accommodate small furniture, a considerable tool chest, perhaps a small quad, and an array of boxes.

Why Choose Ample Storage?

Ample Storage isn't just another name in the self-storage business; it's a brand synonymous with trust and reliability in Reno. Their suite of storage units is expansive, ranging from the compact 5x5 to the expansive 20x20, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone. With eight distinct sizes, Ample Storage guarantees a solution tailored to your needs.

Convenience is King

Located strategically off the freeway in South Reno, Ample Storage prides itself on being easily accessible. Plus, most of their units are on the ground level, making the process of moving items in and out a breeze.

Value for Money

Their pricing model is not just competitive, it's packed with value. For instance, the 5x10 unit, akin to a walk-in closet in size, is priced at $80 per month. And there's a cherry on top: sign up, and your first month is on the house!

Safety First

One of the paramount concerns when selecting a storage facility in Reno is the security of your prized possessions. Ample Storage takes this to heart with round-the-clock video surveillance and a well-lit facility, ensuring peace of mind day in and day out. Plus, an onsite manager ensures that professional assistance is always within arm's reach.

Security Camera


Long contracts and pesky deposits? Not here. At Ample Storage, they believe in freedom and flexibility. Use their facilities for as long or as short as you require, without any cumbersome commitments.

Why Ample Storage is Reno's Top Choice

While the 5x5 storage unit is a versatile option for many, it's just the tip of the iceberg at Ample Storage. Their extensive size range ensures there’s a fit for everyone. Need something larger? The 20x20 unit, roughly the size of a two-car garage, is priced at a reasonable $300 per month and offers a vast storage expanse for even the most expansive of needs.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

From the 5x5 to the 20x20, each unit is designed to cater to a unique set of storage needs, ensuring that you're not paying for space you don't use.

Exceptional Customer Service

It’s not just about physical space. The team at Ample Storage stands out with their dedication to making each customer’s experience smooth and hassle-free.

Safety Beyond Surveillance

While 24/7 video surveillance is undoubtedly reassuring, Ample Storage has layered additional security measures. The facility is not only well-lit but also strategically designed for optimal visibility.

Ample Storage isn’t merely a storage facility; it's a testament to what happens when a business puts its customers first. As you navigate the challenge of finding the perfect space for your belongings, consider the security, affordability, and convenience that come with choosing Ample Storage.

Reno residents, the solution to your storage needs is just a call away. Dive into the world of Ample Storage and rediscover the joy of spacious living.

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