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Keeping things in personal storage units has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. People who live in small quarters or in areas with unpredictable weather commonly opt for storage units, like in Reno, Nevada.

Storage units allow owners to keep their items secure. However, you need to know that there are certain things which are not meant for storage in  Reno NV.

Canned foods often can be kept in storage units, but perishable foods should not. Items like vegetables, cereal, produce and grains are likely to rot. As a result, the rotten food may attract ants and other insects, increasing the chance of spoiling the other possessions present in the storage unit.

Whether dead or alive, plants are not allowed inside most storage units in Reno, Nevada. Plants often attract insects and also can be difficult to transport.

Combustible, flammable or hazardous materials are prohibited from storage units. Items such as gasoline, propane tanks, kerosene lamps, fertilizers, paint and chemicals are considered “inherently dangerous” and are not allowed.

No storage facility in Reno NV will accept stolen goods. Furthermore, You must be registered or insured in order to store vehicles. You must have authority or a legal license for everything you are placing in a storage unit.

Most storage units in Reno NV will not allow the storage of guns or ammunition in their facilities. If they do allow this, strict security guidelines must be followed.

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