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Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights just swept through and our streets were graced with the presence of classic, American-made automobiles. Whether you’re preparing to take your car out of long term storage to show it off, or you’ll need to store it after the festivities, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly maintained either way. Here are just some of things you’ll want to familiarize yourself with:

Cars have a variety of moving parts. But, you’ll need to do much more than just kick the tires and check under the hood. There’s a lot going on in the places you can’t see. The engine’s system, power train, braking system and steering are just a few of the major components to check and make sure are working properly before and after storage. However, even though all of these components perform a different function, they all are reliant on some type of fluid to keep them working properly.

Tips for Storing Your Vehicle

Before you think about putting that car away in a Reno storage unit, you’ll want to make sure you’ve replaced all your fluids. For example, the byproducts in oil that are used to help your car’s performance when it’s in motion can actually break down and corrode your vehicle’s internal parts if it’s just sitting for a long period of time. Not to mention the gasoline that’s sitting in your tank. New environmental regulations have changed the mixture of gasoline we’re putting in our vehicles. The ethanol-additive doesn’t only reduce harmful emissions when it’s being used, but if it’s sitting in your tank for too long, water-phase separation can occur which introduces water into the fuel mixture. Using a fuel stabilizer can prevent the breakdown of the gasoline and prevent corrosion of your fuel line too.

In addition to changing fluids, there’s a lot of preventative maintenance measures you can take now that will get you back on the road when you’re ready. If you’re going to be using long term storage for your vehicle, disconnecting the battery will prevent it from draining. Cleaning its connections will also help prevent corrosion over time and will ensure a solid connection too. Increasing the air in the tire by 5 to 10 PSI will also help when the climate changes and causes tire deflation. A good cleaning overall shouldn’t be overlooked either. When the weather changes, animals and other creatures will be looking for a place to take shelter so make sure you didn’t leave windows open or food behind that might entice them.

Classic Car Storage of Reno, NV

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