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Storage Unit Tips For College Students

September 27, 2022

When you left for college, you probably didn’t have a lot of possessions. You might have even been able to transport all your belongings in one car trip. But once you move into that dorm or new apartment, you’ll begin to acquire more stuff over time. Whether you need extra space to de-clutter your dorm or apartment, store seasonal items, or plan to travel abroad, there are several affordable storage unit options for college students at Reno Ample Storage.

storage unit tips

Storage Units for College Students

TMCC, UNR, and GNCU students living on campus or in a house/apartment with roommates know how limited storage space can be. Dorm rooms can only fit so much, and are designed to house large numbers of students in a limited space. The same goes for apartments. And what are you expected to do with your belongings when you go home for the summer or winter break? Not to mention, storing bikes and other sports equipment takes up a lot of room! That’s where storage units for college students come in.

Reno Ample Storage makes storage more accessible to everyone, even college students on a budget, by offering affordable storage units in Reno. There are several sizes of storage units available, ranging from a 5ft x 5ft space to a 20ft × 20ft space, allowing you to store anything from a few boxes to a full-size vehicle. Not only that, Ample storage offers short term storage, long term storage, and holiday storage units depending on your timing necessities.

Common Reasons for College Students Needing Storage 

Some of the most common reasons college students look for self-storage units are limited space, going home for extended breaks, and leaving to study abroad. Here’s how storage units for college students can alleviate some of these conflicts:

  • Lack of Space in Your Dorm Room – Dorm rooms are incredibly small. Sharing an already confined space with another student significantly cuts down your available space. And you certainly don’t want to overstep any spacial boundaries with roommates. For any items that you simply can’t fit into your dorm room but aren’t ready to part with, a self-storage unit provides the perfect solution. Heck, you could even go in on a unit with your roommate to have the tidiest room in the building.
  • Summer and Winter Break Storage – Typically, in-between semesters, college students will leave their dorms or living space to live at home with their families or somewhere else off-campus. This leaves many students wondering where they’re going to keep their belongings during the break. Keeping your items in a Reno storage facility makes these transitions simple and convenient. Instead of investing in a large moving truck, put that towards a storage unit!
  • Traveling or Studying Abroad – Getting the opportunity to travel or study abroad as a college student is always exciting. The last thing you want to worry about is what to do with all your stuff while you’re away. Sure, you could ask your roommates to keep an eye on your things, but entrusting a person you barely know with valuables can often go awry. Leaving your belongings in a secure Reno storage facilityensures they’ll be there just how you left them.

Whatever your reason for seeking a little more storage space, it’s important to find a convenient and affordable Reno storage facility to keep your belongings protected.   

Benefits of Self-Storage for Students 

Reno Ample Storage offers college students affordable long-term and short-term storage options. Unlike other storage facilities in Reno, Ample has a variety of storage unit sizes available, provides easy drive-up access, and is monitored around the clock, 7 days a week. Here are some of the benefits when utilizing our self-storage units:

  • Creates more available space in your dorm room or living area.
  • Keeps your belongings safe and secure, even if you travel out of town.
  • Provides a convenient place to store your things temporarily and close to campus .
  • Available in several sizes to accommodate varying needs..
  • Affordable or cheap storage units are ideal for college students living on a budget.

Self storage checklist

Storage Unit Tips for College Students 

When it’s time to store your belongings, rest assured that everything will be kept safe and secure. But how do you best utilize the space? And are there items that are not allowedin the unit? Especially on a 5ft x 5ft unit, you’ll want to put a little strategy behind your storage move-in to get the most bang for your buck, and to keep items readily available in case you need to pop in and grab something in the unit. Check out this self storage checklist.

  • Start by putting the heaviest, largest items in first. It’s a game of Tetris from there!
  • Make a list of your inventory. You may forget what you’ve stored over time.
  • Disassemble and protect larger furniture. Using plastic wrap protects things like table legs.
  • Label boxes, or use clear bins so you can see what’s inside.
  • Keep things you need to access towards the top/front.
  • Make sure that your items abide by our storage policies.

Storage Units for College Students at Reno Ample Storage 

Reno Ample Storage offers access to units from 6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, and provides 24-hour surveillance. We can also help you determine which size storage unit will be best so you aren’t paying for extra space you don’t need. Connect with Reno Ample Storage for questions on pricing, sizes, or any other information regarding our self-storage units!

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