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storage unit tipsImagine unpacking your moving truck and about three quarters of the way through you realize that your storage unit is completely packed. It happens more often than you may think. Selecting the right self storage unit size for your needs can be tricky sometimes. The staff at Reno Ample Storage has been providing self-storage for decades, so we have a few pointers for you. These will keep you from ever finding yourself in this position again.

Consider the Size of Your Truckself-storage-unit-sizes

One of the biggest clues to how large of a unit you need is the size of the truck used. If you loaded up a 24-foot truck, there is no way that everything will fit in a 10x10 unit. However, if you barely filled a 10-foot truck, renting a large storage unit will leave a lot of unused space.

Consider What You Have Packed

Some items are more stackable than others. While boxes can allow for more stacking and thus more efficient use of space, unbroken down tables and couches take up more space. Furthermore, their irregular shapes can prevent effective stacking. If the items you are trying to store are composed mostly of boxes, you will require less space than if you are storing a hodgepodge of differently shaped items.

Consider the Size of Your Home or Apartment

On our website we break down each unit by the home size they can usually handle. These estimates come from the average amount of items that can be found per square foot. If your home has more or less items than normal, these estimates can be off. It is important to consider this when using a self-storage guide like this one.

At Ample Storage in South Reno, we know our self storage unit sizes. We don’t want you to have to go through the hassle of having to move your items from an over-packed unit into something more appropriate. We also don’t want you to have to pay more for storage than you have to. By considering all of these aspects you will be better prepared to select a Reno storage unit size that will fit your belongings perfectly. We also have one of the most experienced staff for self-storage in Reno, so if you are uncertain, bring your truck down and we will help you figure it all out, no problem.


Did you know that one in five households move to a new place every year? If you’re planning to settle down in a brand new home, you might be curious about when is the best time to do so. 

Peak moving season is typically described as the time between the months of June and August but can begin as early as April or end in late October. This timeframe is usually when college students are moving out of their dorms and apartments and potentially finding new ones. Additionally, many families with K-12-aged children want to make sure they’re fully settled in and familiar with the area by the time the new school year starts. 

Self Storage Company, ample self storage, reno storage facilities

The spring through fall seasons makes for a much better time to move than the winter and holiday season. Who wants to stress about major holidays and family gatherings in addition to moving or looking for long term storage

Moving is not going to be easy, but it doesn’t need to be a miserable time either. So many things need to be accounted for during the moving process, whether it’s hiring movers, making lists, planning ahead for utilities or schools, and closing on your house. Getting a plan in place has worked wonders for a lot of people when it comes to leaving your old home and settling into the new one. By avoiding these common moving mistakes and planning ahead, you can prepare better for the unexpected and make things run more smoothly.

At Ample Storage, we’ve been helping Northern Nevadans store their valuables since 1987 and have considered your convenience and security first. This also applies to the packing process too, because we’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t! 

  1. To avoid copious amounts of stress, start packing up to a month before the move. The more you pack up ahead of the date, the easier it’ll be for you to take care of other moving details and tasks as your deadline approaches. Start by packing one room at a time, and beginning with the rooms you use the least until you get to the high-trafficked parts of your home.
  2. Before the big move, stock up on supplies such as box cutters, permanent markers, packing tape, paper towels, and garbage bags. This will help you stay organized and make sure your items are packed securely.
  3. Other helpful equipment to look into includes moving blankets, straps and dollies to make lifting and shifting furniture easier. Be sure to clear a path to the door and put protective covering on the walls and flooring as an easy way to prevent dents and dings.
  4. Don’t overpack boxes, but make sure to prevent any large spaces if items still can fit. If a cushion is needed to protect valuables, using towels, cloths and even articles of clothing can work to fill up those spaces.
  5. When packing, try to keep your items together. It’s much easier when unpacking if you keep all kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom essentials together. Be sure to either label or color code the boxes to note what rooms the items are for.
  6. Works of art are a common and tricky thing to pack. Our experts suggest making an X with masking tape across the glass to not only strengthen and reinforce it, but also hold it together if it potentially shatters. Wrap the pictures in bubble wrap or paper and put them in a frame box, which is a special moving box with a piece of cardboard between each frame for a cushion. Another tip to keep in mind is to make sure not to wrap oil paintings in regular paper as it’ll stick together and smudge.
  7. If you’re not working with a team of movers, getting a moving truck with a ramp is a must. Even if renting a truck without one seems like the cheapest option, the struggle with getting all the furniture up and in the truck can add hours of backbreaking labor to your move.
  8. Many people feel that the most challenging part of the packing process is deciding what to keep or throw out. If it has been a prolonged period of time since you used something that can be an indicator that it might be time to sell or donate it. Be sure to ask yourself if a piece of furniture that’s on the larger side is also something that is worth moving to a new house, too.
  9. One of the more important tips on packing is being able to detach yourself from any emotions or sentimental value when deciding to keep or toss an item. A popular option to get rid of things is to host a moving sale, and it’s an easy way to make money for items that are still in excellent condition.
  10. With packing taking up so much time, a moving sale may not be feasible. Instead, another time saving option is to donate your items to places such as Goodwill or other thrift stores that take furniture and/or clothing. The local library may also be interested in any old books in excellent condition, too!

Here are some additional tips on moving:















Ample Storage is Here to Help

storage unit sizes

Downsizing when moving is important, and if you’re looking to move some items into storage until you’re ready to use them at your new home, consider using our storage services to keep them safe. Ample Storage has a variety of storage unit sizes with sizes ranging from 5x5 and 20x20. 

Free up space in the moving truck and get organized today. Our team looks forward to being a part of your new journey!

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The A&E reality television series, Storage Wars, debuted in December of 2010. Since then the show’s gain in popularity has influenced the creation of multiple spin-off series. This popularity has also created a rise in the interest of auction “hunters” in real storage auctions. So, we thought you might like the nitty-gritty lowdown on: how real storage auctions are.

Real Storage Auctions vs. Storage Wars

Even if you don’t watch the series, there is still a good chance that you have heard of the show. Possibly because of the numerous lawsuits that have surrounded its short 3 year lifespan. These suits range from authenticity to salary disputes and have caused grief for much of their fan base and the “reality tv” sector as a whole.

Myth 1: The Authenticity of Auctioning

In the Storage Wars series, each episode will showcase multiple storage units being auctioned at one location. This in itself is not accurate.

In reality, the frequency of people abandoning their unit with all of its contents is not high. This frequency diminishes even more so when people have valuable things within their storage unit.

Which brings us to our next point... there may be treasures that turn up in abandoned units but unfortunately, not as often as we would like. Storage Wars has a pretty consistent 2 out of 3 ratios that they work with. Most episodes showcase two units that are winners and one that is a dud. Generally only one BIG winner, but nonetheless the auction hunters who get these units walk away profitable or at least breaking even.

Myth 2: The Costs of Being an Auction Hunter

One piece of very valid information that every prospect hunter should know, and that Storage Wars either misrepresents or skips over completely... sunk costs.

Think about this, when a storage unit is auctioned off you are buying everything in it, whether gold or garbage, and becoming responsible for removing all said content.

Truth to the TV:

One thing that the television series has dead on is that when there is an auction, bidders are not allowed to enter the unit. This helps keep the auction moving at a fast pace and eliminates the risk of something being removed before it has been auctioned.

Auctions are always a LAST resort...

Although this type of auction has become popular, we'd like to emphasize we don't jump to auctioning a unit’s contents. The process of trying to contact a client is very long and very thorough. We will exhaust every option for contacting a client, including emergency contacts, before we consider putting the unit on auction. Even after the unit is set to be auctioned, if at anytime we receive contact from the client the auction process will be stopped.

Group auctions aren’t always how facilities get rid of a unit’s contents either. Some laws forbid this type auction so, the unit will be auctioned off one piece at a time.

Despite the reality check, storage auctions are real. They very well could be the new, landlocked, non-violent and completely legal equivalent of being a pirate... which is awesome. If you are interested in finding out when and where there are going to be auctions in Reno, check out

Or go ahead and give us a call and we’d be glad to answer your questions!


affordable reno storage units

Inexpensive Business Storage Solutions

Running a business can often result in a large amount of items and paperwork that are difficult to store in your office. Don’t let excess paperwork or tools clutter up your workspace. At Ample Storage we have a one of the best solutions for business self storage in Reno. We have small affordable Reno storage units that can handle tool chests or up to 100 business-sized boxes. We have a large selection of 5x5 and 5x10 units that are perfectly suited to handle your business’ storage needs.

About the size of a regular closet, our 5x5 Reno storage unit can handle an average tool chest for contractors and carpenters. You may not need to lug all of those tools around from site to site. This unit is an affordable option that will free up the bed of your truck for other uses.

The 5x10 units we offer in our facility are about the size of a walk-in closet but have big storage capabilities. They are sufficient to store 100 business-sized boxes. This can free up some filing space for new clients in law and accounting offices.

When you leave valuable business materials in our facility you can rest assured that they are in a safe place. We hold security to be of the highest importance. Your tools and files are important elements of your business. When the need for them arises, they will be here waiting for you.

No matter the size, Ample has you covered.

Even if you only need a little storage space, you need Ample Storage's inexpensive storage solutions. We have dozens of these affordable Reno storage units and are always looking to take care of our customers’ needs. We provide the highest quality, most secure business self storage in Reno. Load up your files, clear out some extra space in your office and head down to Ample Storage. We have you covered.


At Ample Storage we talk a lot about security; this is an indication of our priorities. Nothing is taken more seriously at our facility than ensuring that your belongings are safely stored in your unit. It has long been our goal to be the most secure self storage in Reno. We go about achieving this in several different ways. Our experience has shown us that no single precaution is effective. That is why we have several top-rated features in place to provide the highest level of security possible.


We Start with a Fence

It sounds simple but adequate fencing really does work to deter potential threats. Our fence is consistently checked to guarantee that it has not been compromised. We do regular inspections to confirm that no links have been cut and that it is completely intact.

A fence is only effective when combined with a gate that can restrict access from the public. No one comes through the gate that is not currently renting a unit. If a person does not have a unit in our facility then they probably have no reason to be on the property. By regulating access we can cut down on theft substantially.

24 Hour Surveillance

While regulating access provides significant security advantages, it does not complete the package. Our facility is under 24-hour surveillance. We have security cameras placed in strategic locations monitoring the actions of everyone who comes inside. If someone is trying to get into a unit that does not belong to them, we will see it.

Ample's sign for cheap self storage.

To ensure that our cameras have the ability to operate not only during the day, but also at night, we have installed a lighting system that covers every inch of the property. This has the added benefit of deterring theft as well. Thieves love to hide in dark places. When there are none to be found they tend to look somewhere else.

All of the features combine to guarantee that when you choose us as your location for self storage in Reno, you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Plus, our manager lives on site. This allows for quicker response times in the event someone breaks in and is a great deterrent as well. Even with all our security features, we still are a very affordable option. Call or bring your truck down and we will be glad to give you a quote. We take the worry out of Reno storage.



You may have wondered why Ample Storage is not one of the 24 hour storage units in Reno, NV. It is a common trend for many places to offer this service and the convenience sounds desirable. They rely on their gates, security cameras and lighting to deter thieves. However, our experience has shown that this simply is not enough to provide a high level of security. There are significant storage unit risks when 24 hour access is available in Reno. We want your belongings to be safe, first and foremost.

moving boxes reno

The Risks to Self Storage Facilities

If you have the best fencing and gates on the market, these security features are immediately rendered useless once the person has gained access. Now you only have security cameras and lighting for defense at this point. Considering that theft is much more likely to occur at night than during the day, this is problematic. Our cameras are always running but at this point the person has already gained access to the facility. Meanwhile they are cleaning out all the valuables from your unit.

There are also instances of people who have been approved to access the unit coming in and stealing. These thieves choose night to come in because they have a better chance of pulling it off without suspicion from staff and it is also less likely that you will happen to be swinging by to spoil their plans.

Reno Ample Storage

Considering that these plans are far less likely to be successful during the day, we have made the decision to close our facility down at night to provide the most optimal security. This does not mean that we are inaccessible. Our facility is open late and we feel that our hours cover all the areas of high and medium traffic. We want you to have access to your Reno storage unit, but we also want them to be safe. As the best self storage in Reno, we believe we've reached that balance.




storage tips

Last week we began discussing some tips on how to safely store your belongings. This week we are diving in further. Water damage is problematic in many storage facilities, even in Reno. Seeing as how even the meteorologists are not very good at predicting the weather, here are some Reno storage tips to ensure that water does not destroy your valuables:

Moisture Protection

Incurring water damage on a priceless item can be absolutely heartbreaking. These tips should provide peace of mind that your belongings are safe from the elements. However, there are more intelligent threats to contend with. Mothballs are not just something your grandma used. Moths are still a threat, especially to clothing that is sitting in storage. Mothballs are a cheap and effective way of dealing with this threat. But the most important tip that we can recommend is purchasing a good lock. Thieves look for weaknesses, and cheap locks are exactly that. The extra money spent on a good lock will definitely pay off.

With these Reno storage tips in mind, you are ready to successfully store your items without problems. Ample Storage would be proud to be your choice for self-storage in Reno. We pride ourselves on operating a clean and safe facility, and are always ready to give you an affordable quote on your Reno storage unit needs.


cheap storage unit reno

Ample Storage wants to be your choice for self-storage, but our dedication is not limited to your initial decision. Once you have arrived at our storage facility in south Reno, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. In order to help you be prepared for storing your belongings in a Reno storage unit incident-free, we have created this two-part guide to deliver all the storage tips we have accumulated over the years.

Be Organized

Bang and Bump Protection

Whether you are storing your belongings for a long period of time, or you are only using the Reno storage unit for temporary storage, these storage tips will help your move go smoothly and with fewer issues. Join us next time we as we dive back in, sharing more storage tips and discussing ways to avoid water damage.


short term storageGreat Location

Just north of the In-N-Out Burger on South Virginia, our facility is situated to be a convenient self storage option in Reno. The city has migrated south over the years, placing us right in the heart of the action.  However, we’ve been here since there was nothing but pastures on this side of town. No matter how much the city has grown around us, we still remember the principles we were founded upon: providing convenient, clean and secure self-storage in Reno.

Friendly, Helpful Staff

Our location is not the only thing about Ample Storage that provides convenience. Our staff is dedicated to making your experience with us go as smoothly as possible. We will help you find the right Reno storage unit at the best price. Plus, all of our units are ground floor, which eliminates the headache of having to carry heavy furniture upstairs or waiting for a forklift to load your unit.

Convenient Self Storage

We also carry a wide range of moving supplies. We have virtually everything you need to make your moving experience as hassle-free as possible. Easy access into our facility and your Reno storage unit will allow you to check up on your belongings, bring new items in or pull stored items out. We have committed ourselves to providing the best Reno self-storage option. Convenience is an important factor in achieving this, and we have it here at Ample Storage.


best value

The Best Value in Town

Ample Storage is pound for pound the best value for self storage units in Reno. We have confidence in this bold claim because we bring extra amenities that other facilities just cannot top. Our selection of storage units in South Reno is unsurpassed in the area and our staff puts customer service at a premium. These are services that you would expect from a facility of our caliber, but to us, they simply are not enough.

Convenient Access

There are few hassles more frustrating than having to carry heavy furniture up unnecessary stairs. That is why our units are all on the ground floor. We wouldn’t want to have to navigate stairs while carrying a sofa, so we don’t ask you to have to either. Ground floor units provide for the easiest loading and unloading, as well as the most convenient access. Plus, our units are always clean and the grounds are constantly well maintained.

High Level Security

However, we understand that while you want your belongings to be accessible and stored in a clean facility, for many, the most important feature to consider is security. Our facility is well lit, but we don’t stop there. We also have a security gate and security camera to add that extra level of protection. While other facilities will allow 24-hour access, thus leaving your valuables subject to theft and vandalism, we close our gates each night, and our manager lives on site to ensure that your Reno storage unit will be safe and secure.

Reasonable Prices

When you add it all up, we offer a lot, but our prices are surprisingly reasonable. We welcome rate calls; it is just another opportunity for us to beat the competition. We pride ourselves on bringing the biggest value for the most services and storage space in the region. Ample Storage is proud to be your best choice for self-storage in Reno.


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